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4 Post-Wedding Musts

Newlyweds, don’t forget to accomplish these important to-dos right after you tie the knot!

1. Send out thank you cards.

Saying thank you is the most proper thing to do, especially since your guests all made an effort to gussy up, carefully select gifts, and brave the traffic to witness your vows. Your notes don’t have to be long since you’ll have to write messages for all your guests (just imagine making over 150 letters!), but they do need to sound personal. Note how you’ll be able to use their present for your new home, how appreciative you are for all the help they’ve given, or how the married addressees serve as inspiration for you and your partner. Stumped on where to find thank you cards? Visit and customize any of their ready-to-use templates which can be instantly printed out or sent via email.

2. Choose photos for the wedding album.

Photography packages usually offer printed wedding albums. However, you and your beloved must take the time out to look through the thousands of images taken that day and select a limited number of shots for the album. Be sure to ask your photographer when the digital copies of your pictures will be available, then schedule a day (or a few hours each day for one week) to do this activity with your partner. So that you both won’t feel overwhelmed, clarify the total number of photos needed for the album then divide these into different categories: preparation (bride and groom side), marriage rites, and celebration. Decide if you want to include all the group shots (that will instantly take away 10 to 20 from the total), focus on special candid moments, or if you prefer a mix of both.

3. Post limited wedding photos.

In relation to choosing photos for your wedding album, you might get tempted to share all your glamorous wedding shots on social media, but try to get ahold of yourself. It’s fine for people to see an updated Facebook profile photo of you and the love of your life, but not everyone wants to see 100+ different photos of the two of you gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes in various poses and locations. If you’re planning on sharing photos from the celebration, just form a group that includes all of the guests present.

4. Preserve the dress, suit, and flowers from your wedding.

You might be too caught up with your honeymoon that you forget about what to do with your special wedding mementos. Before flying off, make sure to check the wedding dress and suit for any major stains or strange odors then have them dry cleaned as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you get back or you might never get rid of that wine spill or the accumulated dirt on the wedding dress train. As for the wedding bouquet, hire a preserver who can keep the wedding blooms intact inside a sealed glass display or a customized frame.

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