Kid’s Party Guides

4 Party Games for Grown-Ups to Play

Make it a kid’s party to remember by hosting these lively games guaranteed to entertain your older guests!

Name That Tune

Number of people: A minimum of three groups (This can be play by three to five teams on stage with at least two members each, or by all the party guests seated per table.)

Materials and instructions: Prepare a recording of 15 to 20 songs with a common theme (i.e. children’s songs, Disney movie soundtracks, pop chart toppers) then play a part of the song. The group that guesses the title correctly scores one point. Whichever team ends up with the most points wins the game.

Bonus round: Prepare a tiebreaker round with a harder musical category such as ‘60s dance music or one-hit wonders. Challenge the members of each group to sing a few lines of the song after they give their answer.

Spelling B

Number of people: A minimum of three people

Materials and instructions: B stands for brains and butt—the two things adults need to spell out letters! Research and list down a set of hard-to-spell words for your contestants (prepare at least 10 words). Arrange the contestants in a line, then start from one side of the line. Ask a contestant to spell a word by using only his butt. If he spells it correctly and the audience understands the letters he spelled out, he advances to the next round. The person who spells all the words correctly is hailed the Spelling B champ!

Bonus round: The birthday celebrant gives a word that the two remaining contestants must spell backward. The first person to do it correctly wins the game.

Marshmallow Toss Game

Number of people: At least three pairs of couples

Materials and instructions: Buy at least three bags of mini or giant marshmallows. Divide them among the players in separate unbreakable bowls. The object of the game is to shoot as many marshmallows in a person’s mouth from a certain distance in one minute! But there’s a catch: You can’t chew the marshmallows or use your hands to pop in the marshmallows. The tandem with the most number of marshmallows successfully caught in the mouth wins!

Bonus round: Two separate rounds can be played so that each player can experience being the thrower as well as the catcher. The thrower can also wear a blindfold to make it harder for him to aim for the catcher’s mouth.

Limbo Rock

Number of people: As many people as possible (even children can join in the fun!)

Materials and instructions: Get two people to hold a thin wooden stick that will be used as the limbo pole, and make all the adult guests stretch their bodies by playing this old favorite. Ask all the contestants to form a line and when the music plays, each person will walk under the pole set at a specific height. For every round, the pole goes lower, making it more difficult for people to pass under it. A player can find creative ways to distort his body while passing the pole, but he will be automatically disqualified if he touches or grazes the pole with any of his body parts.

Bonus round: Make it more challenging for the adults by asking them to limbo together with their spouse or child.

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