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4 Effective Ways to Manage a Groomzilla

We show you different strategies on how you can properly handle a stress-out fiancé.

Has your carefree partner evolved into the elusive Groomzilla? (Read the article “Are you turning into a Groomzilla?” to see if he’s exhibiting the characteristics!) If he is, it’s not too late to change him back into your loving partner by using any or all of the tactics below.

1.  Address his worries.

Is he panicking because you seem to be spending way over the budget? Does he feel lost because he doesn’t know the status of some of your wedding suppliers? Don’t add to the stress he’s feeling and just directly ask him what’s worrying him. Once you know the reason behind his anxiety, discuss the matter in a calm, respectful tone.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as keeping your guy updated on all the wedding arrangements. Let him know what’s happening on a general level. If he asks questions about a particular topic, it means he’s more curious about these preparations. Inform him of any developments related to it.

2. Indulge his whims.

If alphabetizing the wedding guest list is something that surprisingly calms your partner’s nerves, go ahead and let him work on completing and arranging the list. Just make sure that whatever work he does will be beneficial to both of you in the long run. If not, try to find other equally relaxing tasks for him to accomplish on your wedding to-do list.

3. Distract him with the help of his friends and family.

Ask your fiancé’s best man or siblings to take him out during potentially stressful periods (such as when the reception venue payment is due). They can shoot some hoops, play his favorite video games, or even indulge in some beers—anything to divert his mind from the wedding planning.

4. Show him you’re on the same team.

Don’t make the preparations a competition on which family is better or, worse, a battle of the wills. It’s not about seeing who folds first, but rather coming up with a compromise that both parties are satisfied with.

Make your partner feel important by asking for his opinions on every possible topic. Men usually say what they’re interested in, and inversely, which topics they feel the women should take care of completely. If you feel strongly about a certain issue, communicate your troubles with your partner. Once he sees the logic behind your decision, he will stop acting irrationally and support your choice.

Always remember that it takes two people working hand-in-hand to pull off a successful wedding.

If you want more ways to deal with your groomzilla, you can read this article, “How to Tame a Groomzilla”.

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