3 Elements to Make Your Debut Fun

Make sure your coming out party is engaging in every aspect.


No doubt about it, the invited guests play a large part in setting the tone of your 18th celebration. If you invite mostly mature and conservative guests (as in business associates of your parents and older relatives), you’ll most likely have a yawn-inducing formal party that ends as soon as dessert is served. But if you stick to a predominantly young crowd, your party might turn rowdy as the night goes on. Contemplate on creating a good mix of people with varying ages composed of your immediate family, close relatives, circle of friends, and some entertaining acquaintances you’ve met over the years. Make sure the guests you invite are people who won’t be afraid to hit the dance floor or take part in the prepared games.


Make sure you don’t have a super long program that will drag on for hours. During the pre-planning stages of your party, decide whether you’ll have a cotillion dance, the party games, a few performers, the 18 roses/candles/treasures, as well as the post-party dancing. Remember that you’ll have to book or prepare for these necessary sections—like hiring a dance teacher or buying 18 roses and candles—if you decide it’s a yes. As for the games you prepare, check to see if they’re age appropriate and can be enjoyed by everyone at the party!

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