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20 Last-Minute Things to Do Before Your Wedding

Review this handy check list to make sure absolutely everything is in order for your big day!

1. Get in touch with all your suppliers to confirm their arrival or delivery time.

2. Review the complete wedding day schedule, and then send text message reminders to the people involved.

3. Try out everything one last time, from your wedding veil to your shoes down to your jewelry.

4. Prepare a small wedding bag that you can ask your maid of honor to hold on to. Make sure it contains a pack of tissue paper, a compact, and a lipstick for touch-ups.

5. Let your wedding dress out of the bag or box, and let it breathe. Make sure not to cook anywhere near it so your gown doesn’t smell the next day.

6. Set aside what you’ll be wearing during the wedding preparations. You want to look equally gorgeous for your pre-wedding pictures.

7. If you’re sleeping over at a hotel and doing your wedding preparations there the next day, pack all your things carefully and place them inside one big bag. It’s best if you do this personally so you know where everything is contained.   

8. For items that need to be brought to a different location (such as table settings or thank you gifts to be distributed at your wedding reception), group them together in different boxes. Place all the things that need to be transported in one spot so they can be taken all together by your helpers.  

9. Pack extra shoes and flip-flops in case the ones you wear for the wedding break or cause blisters. You can also wear flip-flops in between the rites and the reception to give your feet time to rest.

10. When everything is packed and ready for transporting, get help putting the bags and boxes in the car trunk. That way, you won’t need to panic on the day itself.

11. Eat before getting dressed. This might be the only time you can relish the food you’re having before you get caught up in the day’s festivities.

12. Liven up the mood with your favorite upbeat tunes and make a “getting hitched” playlist that you can play throughout the day. Dancing to the music will definitely help you shake off your nerves.

13. Prepare an emergency wedding kit that can take care of all possible needs and disasters.

14. If you’ve skipped hiring a wedding planner, elect a point person (preferably from both sides of the family) and give them both a list of your suppliers with all their details. They can take care of following up with your vendors in case they’re late or missing in action.

15. Finalize your seating arrangement and print out copies for the sign-in table at your reception party.

16. For the ladies, book a relaxing manicure and pedicure session. The gents can also opt for some hand grooming.

17. Schedule a full-body massage or a bubble bath to relax your mind and body.

18. Spend your last moments as a single person with your family. Whip out old photo albums and talk about your best times as you were all growing up, then ask your parents and siblings for advice about married life.

19. In case you still haven’t written down your wedding vows, do it now! Don’t forget your thank you speech as well.

20. Set your alarm to guarantee you wake up on time.

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