15 Ways to be Well-Mannered Debutante

Be remembered as the best debutante of the season by being a model of good etiquette.

1. Take invites seriously. Invite family and friends by sending out actual invites as early as possible so they can block off your party and prepare for it.

2. Show respect to all your guests. Take the time to work the room and greet everyone.

3. For guests you’re unfamiliar with, address them as sir, mister, miss, or ma’am. Never call them by their first name.

4. Accept presents graciously. Never open them in front of your guests.

5. Don’t start the party too late, especially if your invite says 7 pm! Guests will expect to eat about an hour after your stated time.

6. If the party starts late for unforeseen reasons, be sure to prepare hors d’oeuvres that guests can snack on.

7. You can also make the waiters serve drinks, but never alcohol or it might intoxicate guests since they haven’t eaten yet.

8. Carefully plan your seating arrangement. Do not put people who are not in good terms right next to each other.

9. Find out about people’s food preferences. Some people might have allergies or do not eat meat. Make sure to serve these people special meals.

10. Dress accordingly. People will expect you to wear something formal to match the venue and occasion. Don’t throw them off guard by wearing something casual. Get ideas here.

11. Refrain from using your mobile phone. Be in the moment and enjoy the spotlight! Ask your guests to do the same… unless you’re taking a groufie!

12. Though it’s quite tempting to stay with your friends all night, a party host’s job is to circulate around the room and make sure all the guests are okay. Be sure to do the rounds before you hang with your pals!

13. Don’t freak out when something doesn’t go as planned. Whether it’s having a dress malfunction or forgetting some of the dance steps, the best way to overcome disasters is always with a smile.

14. Make sure the toilets are well-stocked. This is one room that party hosts usually forget about. Remember that female guests only have small bags with them, so there’s a huge possibility they don’t have their usual kikay kits with them.

15. No matter how shy you might be, show gratitude to your parents, family, friends, and guests by giving a sincere thank you speech before the night ends!

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