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15 Ways to Throw a Shabby Chic Wedding Party

Shabby chic is defined as “a style of interior decoration that uses furnishings that are or appear to be pleasantly old and slightly worn.” Your wedding doesn’t have to make use of vintage furniture (these pieces might be difficult to find and could break when used!), but instead, you can create a shabby chic-inspired look with your wedding decorator that can make your reception venue look homey. Try any of these suggestions:

1. Your wedding cake can have a shabby chic feel when you use an old-looking cake holder and accompany it with textured cloth in a soft blush shade.

2. Make your assorted printed floral bunting stand out by combining it with a brown-colored burlap background.

3. Handmade doilies or fine white lace can be used to prettify guests’ tables or add a laid-back touch to the buffet area.

4. Come up with a vintage-looking sign to announce your food and beverage selection.

5. Set up tables with a white birdcage, pink and white giant roses, and a distressed wooden base in aqua and white.

6. Serve hot chocolate with marshmallows or other steaming drinks in quaint pink cups and doilies to match.

7. Use an antique drawer and fresh blooms as the setup for your shabby chic photo booth!

8. Use a wooden picture frame as your table number signage and place it beside a wicker basket filled with beautiful flowers.

9. Go for mismatched flowers and vases. Don’t be afraid to place minimal blooms in each vase.

10. If you’re too lazy to come up with a stylized photo booth, just paint some wooden planks in random colors then use it as your photo wall!

11. For a travel-themed wedding, pile on a set of luggage and decorate it with lights and flowers.

12. With an antique frame with mini clothespins, you can showcase photos taken from your prenuptial pictorial or display guest names and corresponding table numbers.

13. Even your cup of tea can have a shabby chic vibe to it once you include flowers in it!

14. Let your guests sit on ornate wooden chairs in faded colors.

15. Shabby chic is all about mixing and matching what you have. The same concept also works for the tableware you use.

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