13 Unique Accessories to Wear at Your Debut

Stand out as a debutante with these chic accessories. If you’re looking also for a dress to wear, read this 10 Enchanting Debutante Dresses.

1. Angel Wings

Pretend to be an angel on earth by having a set of angel wings customized for your coming out bash. You don’t have to wear it all night! Just wow people during your entrance or your special performance.

2. Tiara

Live out your princess fantasies by adorning your head with a sparkly tiara. However, keep the focus on your headgear by asking your hairstylist to make a simple yet complementary hairstyle. You can get some ideas for your hairstyle here in 12 Debut Hair Inspirations.

3. Wig

Surprise people by wearing a stylish wig. Select a cut and color that matches your face shape and skin color. But more importantly, make sure it matches your party theme like a cosplay or K-pop debut party!

4. Earrings

It’s not every day you’re given a chance to wear something extravagant and fancy, so take advantage of it by donning a pair of over-sized drop or chandelier earrings. Tip: Put your hair up or keep your neck bare if you want to go for this statement piece.

5. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns might be considered so last season, but not if it matches your coachella or garden party theme.

6. Necklace

An elaborate princess style necklace which ends just below the collarbone will go well with a sweetheart-cut dress.

7. Bracelet

Embellish your wrist with a crystal bracelet in your party colors and opt to give away the same accessory to your inner circle!

9. Gloves

White gloves are a cool option if you’re gunning for a pristine winter theme, while long black gloves are a nod to the classic Breakfast at Tiffany ensemble made popular by Audrey Hepburn.

10. Masks

Add an air of mystery by requiring guests to wear ornate masks to your party! As an option, you can provide attendees with plain masks (included with their invites) which they can decorate any way they want.

11. Headband

A pretty pearl headband will go with any classy formal affair.

12. Nail Art

Come up with a beautiful nail art that’s fresh yet subtle.

13. Shoes

You don’t have to automatically choose high heels for your debut. Go for a pair in a sensible height so that you can comfortably party in them all night!

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