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10 Wedding Trends to Try

Read on and see if any of 2017’s most popular wedding trends is a fit for your nuptials.

1. Handmade wedding invites

When it comes to wedding invitations, couples are still choosing to go with anything painted, drawn, or written.

2. Quaint, out-of-town locations

Couples are veering away from the usual church and hotel combination, and going for provincial destinations with a smaller number of guests. The countryside allows them to literally kick back and relax.

3. Printed elements in the groom’s attire

Modern grooms aren’t shying away from prints, some even going as far as choosing a printed cloth for their suit. More conventional guys include prints through their tie, inner vest, or socks.

4. Tea-length wedding dress

The bride doesn’t need to stun guests with a long wedding gown that she would probably trip over during the course of the wedding. This mid-calf wedding dress is a gorgeous alternative!

5. Statement wedding earrings

Many brides are choosing to keep their collarbone area bare because of the ornate material of their wedding gown usually in heavy lace or with intricate beading. As a result, brides-to-be go for big, sparkly earrings!

6. Simple yet stunning wedding veil

Keep things simple with a beautifully trimmed, floor-length veil that’s bare at the center. It will allow guests to peek at the back details of your gown as you walk down the aisle. For more veil inspirations, click here.

7. Varying entourage dresses

For the dresses of the bridesmaids, designers are more flexible about the women’s different body types and now offer diverse styles and shades in your chosen color.

Some couples even go so far as using two different colors for their bridal entourage, assigning different colors depending on the person’s role.

8. Metallic wedding motif

This year’s wedding couples are going for romantic setups, but adding a whole lot of sparkle and shine through the use of metallic accessories.

9. Vertical décor arrangements

Whether it’s hanging from the ceiling or sitting atop the center of your table, vertical decors will surely wow guests.

10. Giant wedding cakes

Big cakes are in again! Couples are going for multi-layered, highly decorated cakes that are a sight to behold!

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