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10 Ways to Wow in Your Wedding Dress

Combine some of these bridal gown elements so you can leave your groom speechless as you walk down the aisle! But before that, be sure that you already know these Wedding Gown Dos and Don’ts.

1. Select a dress with intricate beading.

You can’t go wrong with a dress with hand sewn details. The sparkly white beads can form customized patterns such as your favorite flowers or an ornate pattern of your choice.

2. Accentuate your midsection.

Draw attention to your waist by wearing a cloth band in another shade plus glittering gems on it.

3. Pick an unusual color.

You don’t always have to stick to shades of white for your wedding day. You can go with a soft blush hue or something equally romantic.

4. Surprise people with a low back.

It might be improper to show off your cleavage at the church, but they don’t have a rule against showing off your flawless back.

5. Go for gorgeous trimmings.

All eyes are on you at every angle! Make them stare at your gown for an extra second through elegantly formed trimmings found at the hem of your skirt.

6. A pair of lace sleeves is always a classy option.

You don’t have to worry about looking too conservative in your wedding gown just because you want to get it with sleeves. The solution: Getting sleeves made out of lace.

7. Have an extraordinary detail in one focal area.

A ribbon corset is a win-win situation—it can accentuate your curves while adding a unique element to the back of your dress.

8. A classic shape will never go out of style.

Go for a timeless silhouette so that your frock can be passed on and worn by your future daughter. Follow the mantra: Less is more.

9. Opt for an amazing bodice.

Choose a sweetheart neckline that highlights your shoulders and collarbones. There’s a reason why this neckline has been a favorite by brides for years.

10. Have fun with a full skirt.

You can’t go wrong with a big skirt that makes you feel like a princess for a day! For a modern twist, choose a cloth with horizontal line details.

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