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10 Must-Dos a Week before Your Wedding

Only seven days to go before you walk down the aisle? Now’s the time to confirm that everything is in order!

1. Pick up the wedding dress and suit (or Barong Tagalog).

Make sure you’ve got the complete ensemble as well as all the accessories needed. For the gents, that entails the necktie, pocket square, cufflinks, watch, and formal shoes. For the ladies, it includes the jewelry, hair accessories, garter, bag, and heels.

2. Give the final head count to your wedding reception venue and caterer.

Sometimes, people confirm at the last minute and you’re forced to add tables to accommodate more guests. Give a padded number to guarantee there will be enough cocktails and meals served at your reception party. On a related note, update your seating arrangements and share the final copies with your reception table hosts.

3. Clear your work to-do list.

Make sure you’ve ticked off all your major tasks before going on your wedding break. You don’t want to be buried under a pile of work when you get back.

5. Practice saying your vows and speeches out loud.

This is a must for introverts who hate being in the spotlight. However, both introverts and extroverts must also take the time to write their speeches and not just “wing it” on the day itself. To be safe, keep a printed copy in your pocket or bag.

6. Prepare a wedding emergency kit.

Stash mints, bandages, safety pins, snacks, and other essentials you might need during different parts of the day.

7. Confirm the schedule of all your suppliers.

If you’re hiring a day-of-wedding planner, make sure he or she knows what time to expect your different vendors as well as the ingress/egress for your event venue. For the bride, it’s important to know the call time of your hair and makeup team. If they’ll be grooming your entire bridal entourage, they should come in a few hours earlier.

8. Place monetary tips inside clean envelopes.

Imagine all the people you’ll be dealing with on the day of the wedding. From this, take note of the ones you’ll be giving tips to (i.e. your makeup artist, head waiter, personal assistant).

9. Assign someone as your point person.

Aside from the wedding planner, choose someone you trust—a sister or a close friend—to take care of receiving gifts and making last-minute decisions when needed.

10. Pack your honeymoon bags.

If you’re leaving town the day after your wedding, don’t pack your clothes on your wedding night or you might forget some things! Do it as early as possible, and keep in mind the weather of your destination as you pack your clothes.

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