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10 Edible Party Favors

Surprise your guests by giving these edible party favors that they’ll love to sink their teeth in:

Brownie thins.

This has been popping up everywhere for the past few months, and there’s a reason behind its popularity. It’s crunchy like a cookie, but has the chocolate goodness of a gooey brownie.

Popcorn balls.

These will stay fresh and crunchy for a longer period of time compared to plain popcorn. Level it up by giving the popcorn balls some flavor, like chocolate or strawberry.

Bake your own cupcake jars.

Mason jars are still alive and kicking, so why not stash these jars with everything your guests will need to make their own cupcakes at home? Go the extra mile and include the baking instructions on the jar as well.

Mini muffins.

What’s better than a big muffin is a couple of bite-sized, ready to eat mini muffins that your guests can easily pop in their mouth when they’re on their way home.

Fortune cookies.

All of us get a kick out of seeing what future is to be told inside our chosen fortune cookie. If your kids are too young to read, they’ll still enjoy cracking the cookies open.


What family do you not know who doesn’t enjoy peanut butter, or a delicious hazelnut spread? Your giveaway will be on their dining table for many meals to come.

Personalized candies.

Store the candies or mints in a tin can, so that your guests can easily store it in their bags for future use.

Customized chocolate bars.

Does your child have a favorite chocolate bar? Simply create stickers to wrap around each miniature chocolate bar to personalize it, and it’s good to give away.

Polvoron, pastillas, and yema.

Filipinos will never tire of eating these native delicacies. Choose the ones that are wrapped in the color of your child’s party, or repackage the goodies in a cute little box for your guests to simply grab and go with it.

Bento boxes.

Whoever said that your giveaways only have to be sweet stuff? Give out bento boxes of complete meals—pasta, a sandwich, a cookie and a fruit. Plus points if you shape the food into animals, or you personalize it according to your child’s party theme.

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