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10 Debutante Dos and Don’ts

You only turn 18 once! Follow these tips to become the perfect mix of gracious host and radiant celebrant at your coming-out party.

DO compare rates before you book anything. You don’t want to spend so much on an events venue that it eats up the entire budget for your debutante dress. You also don’t want to hire suppliers before you’ve finalized your guest headcount and party theme

DON’T be limited to traditional party venues, such as grand ballrooms at hotels. Think out of the box and get creative! You can have it outdoors or somewhere unusual.

DO take it easy on the spending. You don’t want to blow all your parents’ savings just for one night of merriment with your friends and family. If you can take the DIY route for some aspects of the ball, such as hiring an outgoing friend to be the host of the night or a talented relative to decorate the venue, go ahead and do so.

DON’T forget to lower your expectations when you’re doing things by yourself (read: amateur versus professional). Picture-worthy Pinterest posts will give you high hopes, but you’ll most probably end up with some epic fails you’d definitely want to forget about.

DO hire professionals on the things that really matter, namely a dress designer (unless you’re buying a ready-to-wear dress), a makeup artist, a hairstylist, and a photographer. You most definitely want to look flawless before, during, and until after the party, and you want the pictures to prove it.

DON’T be ashamed to ask for help. Unlike a wedding wherein two people are working together for one special occasion, you’re officially on your own with this event. Turn to your family if you need sound advice, and seek help from your friends about things your family know nothing about (i.e. the right tunes to play to make people dance).

DO wear something appropriate. This is your debut party, not some casual night out with your posse. Make sure to dress for the occasion, preferably a long gown in a beautiful shade that complements your skin tone.

DON’T invite too many people. Stick to the people that matter—your immediate family, close relatives, and best friends. However, Mom and Dad have the option of inviting their own guests (a.k.a. business associates or relatives you have no idea existed) since they’re the ones paying for the celebration.

DO have fun while acting your age. You’re surrounded by people who are all ready to send you off to the world. Make them proud by showing them just how mature you are.

DON’T throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way. Parties don’t always go as planned and you might face some mini emergencies. Just take them in stride and enjoy the night!

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