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More Than the Usual Invites for Your Next Event

Guests usually read through an invitation for less than a minute, and then it heads straight into the trashcan. Here’s how to make your guests rave over your invite.

Make it edible.

Giving food along with the invitation is always a welcome treat! Baked goods is a safe choice, but a more fun treat would be ingredients in a jar that your guests can create on their own.

Make it floral. 

Floral arrangements will always find a place in your guest’s office table or home, since it instantly brightens up a space. If you want the arrangement to last longer, send over a succulent instead.

Make it useful.

If you’re introducing a new product or service, giving your guests a preview of the product or service through your invitation will pique their interest, and make them want to go. Include a sample size of the product, the key ingredients of the product, or a free gift card for them to try the service out.

Make it monogrammed.

Everyone loves customized items, but it will take a bit more effort to execute. Give out pouches, tote bags, or containers with your guest’s initials, or notepads with their names or initials on them. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time to create all of these invitations, though!

Make it a necessity.

If you want your guest to hold on to your invitation until the event itself, go beyond making it proof to gain access inside your event—no one does that anymore, anyway! Create a dual purpose to your invitation by making it a gift card or a voucher as well.

Make it more personal.

Hire models, mascots, or anyone in costume to give out the invitations. It’s a photo opportunity for your guests, and an opportunity for you to also drive people to your social media sites by encouraging your guests to upload their photos and use your hashtags. Who would say no to instant buzz?

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