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Transportation during the big day—what’s for you?

A few decades back, the only choice of brides for their bridal car is a white luxury vehicle. While that’s still the most common choice among brides nowadays, some brides who want to break the mold know that it’s not the only option nowadays. Here are a few ideas that you can consider for your big day:

Horse drawn carriage, or a kalesa

When you think “carriage”, it usually makes you think of princesses headed to the ball, making it usually the second option of brides who are looking for transportation that’s still classic and romantic.

The thing is, in the Philippines, carriages are few and far between, and kalesas are more common. While it’s still romantic and gives a nationalistic touch to your wedding (especially if your theme is Filipiniana—score!), getting out of the usual kalesa can be tricky for a bride in her wedding gown.

If you have your heart set on a carriage or a kalesa, try it out a couple of times before booking it, to see if you’re comfortable getting in and out of it.

A horse

Much like our kalesa, going on horseback looks romantic and might seem like you’re riding “off into the sunset” with your knight in shining armor, but if you’re not a seasoned rider, getting on a horse for the first time during your wedding day will be more than awkward, it’s downright dangerous. So unless you’re an equestrienne, better to rethink this one.

A Boat

For Filipinos living in an island, with a lot of couples wanting to get married by the beach, traveling to the wedding ceremony by boat doesn’t seem to be an option that’s used of as often or to be as common.

It’s much safer to arrive to your wedding ceremony or reception via boat, actually. Imagine how dramatic your entrance would be when your guests see you sail into the venue. How old world!

A motorcycle

Some grooms have zoomed to the wedding venue riding a motorcycle, and why shouldn’t brides get into the same action as well? If you’re passionate about your bike, or perhaps your motorcycle was a factor in your love story, why not zoom into your own wedding in a motorcycle?

A modern car

Classic automobiles get all the attention when it comes to weddings, because it doesn’t steal the spotlight from the bride, plus it goes well with the class and elegance that most couples want for their weddings.

But if you’re going for a more unique look for your wedding, getting a modern looking car—a convertible, a modified, pimped out ride, or simply the car that your fiancée used to pick you up during your dates—could fit right into your wedding.

Your own two feet.

Who even said that you need a bridal car, anyway? This is especially true for destination weddings wherein everything—lodging, ceremony venue and reception venue—are all in one location. Simply use your two feet to make a grand entrance!

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