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Take away packs for your office mates

The thing that makes bento boxes look pretty is that they’re organized, colorful, and cut up into the right portions. That’s the secret to creating take away packs for your officemates that don’t look like you just heaped on leftovers inside a box. Here’s how to go about it:

Choose your food wisely.

When throwing a party, we usually choose the food that we love the most. And then when the food comes, they’re all either the same (hello, brown-colored food!) or there’s not enough variety to go around-like it’s all chicken, or chances are, everything’s meat and rice. Think of the food pyramid when planning your menu: Carbohydrates, protein, fruit, vegetables, and perhaps a little dessert to end the meal. That should provide you with a more colorful plate to start with.

Find decent looking take home containers.

If the budget permits it, you can get biodegradable paper box containers, or recyclable and microwave-safe plastic boxes to use as take home containers. Please steer away from plastic or aluminum containers–it’s going to make your food look all lumpy and will go straight to the trash. Remember to include utensils!

Find little containers to “compartmentalize” each piece.

Think along the lines of cupcake holders or other small paper, plastic, or aluminum containers that can hold desserts or little foodstuff.

Pack it away in a creative but convenient bag to carry everything.

It’s always a struggle for people to bring take home packs–including their drinks and other food–if they don’t come with a handy bag to stash everything in. Bear in mind that most of your officemates commute, and everyone has only two sets of hands to hold everything they have, so be considerate and provide bags as well.

Go with a theme.

When throwing a party, a theme streamlines everything, from the food to the decorations. Even the containers can follow the theme, or at least the colors of the theme.

Go clear and simple.

If you wish to go all minimalist on things, why not go clear and plastic? It’s simple, goes with any theme, and there are materials made out of plastic that are recyclable and good for the earth. Plus, your pretty plating won’t go to waste in a clear container, and would be better appreciated.

Don’t forget the extras!

Sharing is caring, and allotting more food rather than others going without isn’t acceptable. Always over order, because there will always be someone who wants more (or is too shy to ask, but you’ll give more anyway!), or you can always give it away to those in need. Not only did you feed your officemates, but you also did a good deed! Now that’s something that feeds both body and soul.

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