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Party Attending Etiquette You Should Know

Been recently invited to a children’s party? We answer questions that may have crossed your mind one time or another.

Is my entire family invited to the party?

Check out what it says on your party invite. If your see your name, your spouse’s name, and the names of all your kids (or alternately the phrase “and family”), then you can be certain that everyone’s invited.

But of the envelope doesn’t have anything written on it, you can check the actual invite and see how many people are mentioned in the RSVP portion. Usually, this is stated as: We have reserved (specific number) of seats for you.

If this information is also missing, go ahead and privately message the party hosts to check who they’re expecting to come. Don’t ask the host in an assuming way like, “My kids are all invited to your son’s party, right?”

Is it okay to leave my kid at a children’s party?

Not really. The only time it is acceptable to do so is when these conditions are met:

1) the party is an intimate bash (the less people attending, the more controlled the environment),
2) the host has prior knowledge that you are leaving your kid and has agreed to take care of him,
3) the fellow attendees are people you are comfortable leaving your child with (such as family and close friends) and, at the same time, your kid is comfortable with (as in he knows their names and have interacted with them multiple times).

Do not ever leave your child alone if he is still young and unpredictable. Just imagine if he throws a tantrum. The other guests and parents might not know how to deal with his unruly behavior.

How much should I shell out for the celebrant’s gift?

There is no hard and fast rule for the amount you should spend, but some people base it on their closeness with the hosts and the celebrant. If you are a godparent of the child, expect to cough up more than the regular invited guest. To be safe, ask the parents what the celebrant is currently into, and then find gift options that work within your budget.

Do I really need to RSVP?

Simply put, yes. Be considerate and let the hosts know if you can make it. Make sure you reply before the deadline stated on the printed or emailed invitation. That way, the host can prepare the proper amount of food, games, and party loot bag for your child.

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