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Healthier Food Options to Choose for Office Parties

When it comes to feeding your officemates, it’s a lot easier to choose the crowd pleasers that are not necessarily the healthiest ones on the menu. Which ones are still tasty, but surprisingly healthy?

Instead of fried chicken, go for baked or roasted chicken with vegetables.

Fried chicken is everyone’s favorite, but it’s deep-fried and dripping in fat that you can feel the calories piling on. Going for baked or roasted chicken with a side of vegetables will still give you tasty skin, but without the added fat.

Instead of spaghetti, go for aglio oilo or pesto pasta.

Sauces are oftentimes loaded with pieces of meat and preservatives, plus loaded with a ton of additional sugar that your body simply doesn’t need. Opt to choose an aglio oilo dish with a little sprinkling of cheese, or pesto pasta with seafood—the pesto will give your officemates their much-needed helping of greens.

Instead of pork barbeque, go for chicken or fish fillets.

Pork packs in the fat more than any other type of meat, and who can resist not eating that little piece of fat at the end of the stick, right? For a healthier spin, serve chicken BBQ instead, or serve up fish fillets or freshly handmade “fish balls”. Fun and delicious!

Instead of cupcakes or pastries, go for dark chocolate dessert cups.

Cupcakes and bite-sized pastries are indeed delicious, but they’re oftentimes loaded with a ton of processed sugars. Dark chocolate will still satisfy your officemates’ sweet tooth, but is definitely healthier than pastries or milk chocolate.

Instead of Softdrinks, go for juice or water.

Softdrinks might be a staple in any celebration, but it’s also notoriously loaded with added sugar and calories. Offer up juice or water before you offer softdrinks, and maybe your guests will choose to go the healthy route.

You and your officemates will surely enjoy the healthy and delicious feast!

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