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The Art of Small Talk

Master the fine art of mingling with guests on your debut night!

A girl only turns 18 years old once, and not everyone is given the opportunity to throw a celebration that marks this momentous occasion. When your parents allow you to organize a debutante party, be sure to concern yourself not just about what to wear or perform on the night of the party, but also how to interact with your guests.

If you’re not naturally friendly or you find it difficult to strike up a conversation with people you’re not close to, try these suggestions below!

Step 1: Start off with a genuine smile.

An enchanting grin will always break the ice.

Step 2: Look them in the eye.

Direct eye contact tricks people into thinking you’re confident (even when you’re really not!). Just be careful not to seem like you’re staring or glaring at the other person.

Step 3: Assess the other person’s appearance and give him a compliment.

Say something about the way his hair is styled or how the color of her dress matches her skin. It’s a tried and tested technique—people warm up to someone who notices the little things.

Step 4: Remember names and say it with the proper title.

When saying someone’s first name, be sure to include his or her professional title such as Doctor or Attorney. Calling a person tito, tita, kuya, or ate (depending on their age) is also a sign of respect they will surely appreciate.

Step 5: Be appreciative.

When someone hands you a gift, pays you a compliment, or simply greets you a happy birthday, say thank you. Expressing your gratitude is the quickest way to show you’re grateful for everything.

Step 6: Prepare safe topics of discussion.

If you know you’ll be chit-chatting with people, think of a few subject matters you can talk about. Harmless themes include your debutante party details, pop culture, and even the weather. Steer clear of controversial topics such as politics or religion. You don’t want a heated argument to take place in the midst of your celebration.

Step 7: Have a buffer.

You don’t always have to go around the reception party alone. You can pull a sibling, closest friend, escort, or even your parent as you welcome guests or interact with them throughout the night. Choose a chatty buffer who doesn’t mind introducing himself and is capable of talking to people from different age groups.

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