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7 Creative Photo Walls

Social media has made it possible for us to take snaps of our events so that others can experience it in real time, and it’s given party and event planners a challenge to make sure that their events are not only “IG-worthy”, but is something, first and foremost, worth the buzz and the snaps. Here are 7 creative takes of photo walls that your guests will love to take photos in and instantly post:

Magazine cover shoot. Who doesn’t want to be all dolled up and ready to be the cover of a glossy? Hire other people to act as the stylist, makeup artist, and art director to “help” during the shoot, to give the whole thing a legit feel. Make sure to make their photos look like a real magazine cover!

Human-size doll. Everyone grew up playing with dolls and action figures, so why not take it a step further by creating a photo booth that looks like the box of a dollhouse? Complete the look with clothes and accessories that can be stuck inside the “box”, and the box can be personalized to put the name of the guest on it.

Choose your own scenario. Depending on the event, create a set-up wherein the guest can sit inside the picture. Like if it was movie premiere, re-create a scene from the movie, and have the guest pretend to be the lead star, or if it’s a launch of a product for the beach, create a beautiful seaside complete with sand and beach umbrellas.

Draw and doodle. Why not let your guests create the photo wall themselves? Put up a big white cloth and let your guests doodle anything or put messages on it as they wish. It’s a fantastic way to unleash their creativity, and it shows teamwork as well, making it the perfect activity to do during team building sessions or office parties.


Live animals. Cute and adorable dogs and cats are the obvious choices, but why limit yourself to that? Think about other animals (but harmless ones!), like birds, bunnies, and turtles—animals that humans would usually keep as pets.

Cosplay characters. Perfect for book, movie, TV show launches and the like, your guests will swarm around the characters to get their selfies taken. Think of them as how kids love getting close to mascots during kiddie parties, except Cosplayers take their craft very seriously, and really get into the character, down to the smallest detail.

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