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6 Wedding Activities for Kids

Don’t forget the kids who will attend your wedding. Prepare some activities that can entertain them so they will not end up having tantrums. (and you don’t want that!)

1. Kid’s Area

Set-up a place where kids can play with their toys like cars, dolls, stuff toys, etc. and let them mingle with the other kids.

2. Coloring Books

Give them a set of crayons and a coloring book or printed outline to keep them busy.

3. Ball pit

Let the kids dive in these hundreds of ball! They will surely enjoy playing with those balls.

4. Leggo station

Let the kids show their creativity. Keep them entertained by building leggo blocks!

5. Bubble Station

Kids love to see floating bubbles so have a bubble station and let them blow bubbles as many as they want.

6. Ice cream bar

Who says no to ice cream? Give some sweet treats to the little ones.

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