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6 Ways to Make your Wedding Interactive

1. Have a fun wedding guest book

Start the fun as your guests came in your reception. Let them have a picture taken in Polaroid and put it in the guest book. So you’ll know who came your wedding.


2. Prepare table activities

While waiting for the bride or groom to arrived in the reception you may ask them to write some advices to the couple, how did they meet them or even date idea for the newly weds.


3. Encourage them to use your Hashtag

Let everyone know about your wedding by asking your guest to use your hashtag in posting pictures or even videos.


4. Don’t forget to have photo booth

Everyone will surely love and enjoy it when you’ll set-up a photo booth for them.

5. Let everyone dance

Be sure to have some good dance music that everyone can surely groove!

6. Celebrate your send off

End your special day all at once with your guest by using some sparklers, lanterns or even confetti. A perfect and fun way also of ending your party.

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