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5 Different Seating Arrangements for Corporate Events

Going banquet style is the most popular option when it comes to seating arrangements, but it’s also the most common. If you’re looking into throwing a different event, here are some other arrangements you can try:

Community Style

Long tables aren’t used as much, but the style is just as versatile as your round table. With the right table décor, it can go from rustic to royal. Plus, planning who sits beside whom will be less complicated, because you’ll be grouping less people into less tables. This style also works, no matter how many guests you decide to invite.


Perfect for intimate discussions or small gatherings, the U-shape is a good alternative to the usual round table because it gives someone who wants to speak in the middle of the group center stage, without having to go around the entire table or have other guests have to turn around to hear them speak. This seating arrangement can also be done if there’s a need to put focus on a product that can either be put in the middle of the seating arrangement, or on a stage up front, where all guests will have a good view of it.

Cocktail and lounge areas

Who says you need large tables in the first place? Putting in a few cocktail tables where people can stand and gather around, or a couple of lounge areas, will keep things simple, hip, and casual. If you really want people to let loose, set up a dance floor around the lounge area to get the party started.

Cluster tables

The smaller the tables, the less people will gather around, and the more interaction there will be with the people who belong in that table. If you want the people in your event to mix more or have a bit more privacy, having tables by clusters would be the way to go.

Campfire set-up

While any seating arrangement can be done al fresco, it’s also more fun to go all out when in the great outdoors by just simply laying out some blankets and creating a campfire or picnic atmosphere. It’s casual, simple, but also still out of the ordinary that your guests will surely remember.

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