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4 Must-Dos To Your Wedding Dress Before the Wedding

Some brides, rather than looking super gorgeous, end up looking a little bit uncomfortable or conscious when they’re wearing their wedding gown. It’s understandable, because even if they’ve done a couple of fittings before the big day, it’s still different when you’re all decked out and it’s already the real thing.

What makes a bride look uncomfortable in her wedding dress? It’s the lack of practice or getting used to the dress before your guests see you. Here’s what you should do before you head out and walk down the aisle.

Practice how you’ll go to the bathroom.

Most brides, especially those in big princess-like ball gown dresses, will need an extra pair (or maybe even three pairs!) of hands for a bathroom break. Bring along your maid of honor and a couple of bridesmaids for a trip to the bathroom to see how you’ll accomplish what needs to be done. Or better yet, do your business by then—better to do it before the ceremony rather than to hold it in!


Check for stains.

Maybe all the swishing and posing for the photographer and videographer got your dress caught or stained without you knowing it! Just imagine the horror of that happening while you walk down the aisle or during the entire ceremony. It’s best to do an overall check before you walk down the aisle, too—better to be safe than stained!


Be happy about the overall look.

Even if you had your heart set over a beautiful updo or a full red lip, if you don’t feel radiant or amazing when you see the full effect of it with your wedding dress, then feel free to change it. Looking like you’re uncomfortable in your own skin will show, from your photos to your guests. Just make sure to talk about this with your hair and makeup team that there’s a possibility of changing things up, so that they’ll be warned and you can agree on an additional fee, just in case.

Walk, skip, bend over, and just get moving in it!

A dress that doesn’t fit well will make any bride feel uncomfortable—why do you think there are so many fittings before the wedding day itself? A dress that’s too loose will have you tugging and pulling, while a dress that’s too tight might make it difficult for you to breathe and pass out! This is especially important if you’ll be wearing your wedding dress during the reception as well—you would want to be able to dance in your dress, right?

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