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30 Tasks for Your Maid of Honor

Give your Maid of Honor this wedding checklist so she can truly assist you from the wedding planning to the big day.

During the Planning

  1. Be a person you can turn to for a second option on wedding matters
  2. Guide you in deciding which colors, flowers, or gowns look great together
  3. Accompany you to your wedding dress fittings
  4. Assist you in reminding your bridesmaids about their dress fittings
  5. Be your husband-to-be’s proxy when he can’t be present for a meeting with your planner or supplier
  6. Find ways to help you relax or make you laugh when she sees you stressing over schedules or budgets
  7. Gather your friends for a bachelorette party or bridal shower
  8. Help spread the word about wedding gifts the couple would like to receive (especially if the couple doesn’t have a bridal registry)
  9. Come up with suggestions on where visiting guests from abroad could stay or the places to see while they’re in the country
  10. Attend all pre-wedding parties

On the Day of the Wedding

  1. Be familiar with the time line and make sure the schedule is followed
  2. Help calm your nerves
  3. Round up the bridesmaids and keep tabs on where they are
  4. Assist you and your family in any way
  5. Hold on to your mobile phone so you can focus on the preparations
  6. Instruct the other bridesmaids about what they might need to do, and make sure they have the right makeup, accessories, and bouquets

During the Wedding

  1. Help the wedding planner pinpoint guests who are sponsors, readers, or those assigned to give the offertory gifts
  2. Do constant checks to see if your wedding veil and dress are positioned properly whenever you sit or stand
  3. Help if your wedding dress gets stuck to your heels
  4. Hold on to your wedding bag as you walk down the aisle
  5. Make sure you’re not shiny (and if you are, presents an oil blotter or face powder to take out the shine)
  6. Assist in reapplying your lipstick
  7. Keep your wedding day emergency kit somewhere close by
  8. Help the church in making principal sponsors sign the marriage certificate

At the Reception

  1. Hold on to wedding presents or gift envelopes for the couple
  2. Help you change into your reception party dress
  3. Assist you with your dress when you go to the toilet
  4. Welcome and aid guests into the reception venue
  5. Hand out your thank you gifts for the primary sponsors and the wedding entourage
  6. Give a special congratulatory toast

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