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3 Pre-Wedding Errors by Women

Check this list and see if you’re committing a major boo-boo!

1.Not accepting your figure.

Due to the amount of stress brides-to-be experience, it’s common for them to lose or gain weight as their marriage date draws near. Make sure you’re not subjecting your body to drastic changes by monitoring your weight as soon as you get engaged. It’s important to love the body you’re in, but if you really need to shed some pounds, start at least six months before your wedding by following a healthy diet (recommended by a nutritionist) and engaging in physical activity (at least 30 minutes each day). Doctors say that losing weight consists of 80% diet and 20% exercise, so as long as you consistently work on both areas, you’ll surely shed the weight! However, be sure not to compare your body with the ones you see on TV or in magazines because these celebrities hire professionals to make them appear gorgeous at any angle.

2. Listening to too many people.

One problem newly engaged women face is getting unsolicited wedding advice from everyone—family, friends, work mates, and even acquaintances. If you make it a point to listen to everyone you know, you’ll end up throwing a wedding that isn’t entirely yours. Take people’s tips with a grain of salt and stick to asking for recommendations from experts such as your wedding planner or a newly married friend whose taste and style are similar to yours. Loved ones may think they know what’s best for you, but unless they plan weddings for a living, double check their suggestions before making decisions.

3. Thinking DIY will cost less.

For brides on a budget, taking the do-it-yourself route always seems like a good idea. However, if you’re not the crafty type or have no clue where to purchase products sold by bulk, you might want to reconsider your plan and just opt to buy ready-made items. For example, it might be cheaper to decorate a photo wall with hand-cut paper flowers. But in reality, if you need to come up with hundreds of tiny roses in just a few days (on top of all the things you need to accomplish before the wedding!), the time and effort you spend might be better allotted to other things.

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