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20 Brilliant Wedding Cake Ideas

Get inspiration from these wonderful and equally delectable creations!

1. Who says a chalkboard idea won’t work for your wedding cake?

2. Try this simple yet sweet combo: pink macaroons and delicate flowers!

3. How high can you go? How about 11 tiers of tasty cake?

4. A cake in white and gold definitely exudes opulence.

5. A “love” inscription, bejeweled elements, and delicate flowers results to one classy cake.

6. Go for an all-white cake with alternating layers of flower-shaped icing.

7. Who knew metallic gray and ombre would work so well together? Plus, we love that succulent-looking flower.

8. Dress up your wedding cake with gorgeous peonies and intricate lace.

9. Have a personalized wooden cake topper made for a single tiered cake.

10. Raise your hand if you’re digging this cake filled with muted succulents.

11. The cheesiest wedding cake on the planet consists of actual rounds of cheese!

12. Geometric cake designs can also leave your guests in awe.

13. We wonder how long it took to artfully assemble this Oreo-covered wedding cake!

14. Trick guests into thinking your wedding cake consists of layers and layers of exquisite macaroons.

15. Go for a monochromatic cake with your initials and a few accent flowers.

16. Inspired by wine barrels, this cake befits wine buffs and connoisseurs.

17. The Tiffany blue and white color combination evokes feelings of serenity.

18. Make a bold statement with a white cake decorated with red ornate brocade patterns.

19. Radiate happiness by picking a cake in the sunniest shade of yellow.

20. Recreate a flower girl’s tossing of petals by choosing a cake with giant pink blooms on a mint green backdrop.


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