Mikes and Lovely, Winners of Win-A-Wedding (7th ed.)


Mikes and Lovely owe a social media site and a friend for weaving the strings that drew them together.

Seeing a picture of Lovely by their common friend’s account, Mikes’ heart was immediately captivated. “It took me a whole week to muster up the courage to say hi. Eventually I did and when she replied I felt like I was in cloud nine,” according to Mikes.

Lovely was in Japan then, and that was the start of an inter-country chatting injected with a daily dose of getting-to-know.

“Weeks turned into months and our mutual understanding for each other grew into something magical.”

Mikes was reviewing for board exams then but couldn’t focus because of his growing affection for Lovely.

At that year, Lovely announced her coming home on December 19 which was the day before Mikes’ board exam.

“They say that when you’re in love you are willing to sacrifice one thing for another, and I chose her. Up until now never have I regretted on that decision of choosing her. We had our very first date on December 22nd. The very same night we officially became a couple.”


“In our relationship I had the realization that I wanted to be the man who could support her so I went out and found myself a job and I did. I wanted to show her that she makes me want to be a better man, a man whom she could lean on and feel safe.”

“On our second year and fifth month, I decided that I wanted her hand in marriage. I imagined her to be the mother of my children. It never came to mind that I was rushing things for I felt it in my heart that she is the one, the girl of my dreams.”

A mountain climbing enthusiast, Mikes made a plan to propose to Lovely at the top of a mountain. With the help from their mountain climbing group, they kept the plan a secret until they reached the top.

“It was perfect. She wiped away her tears then the one special word I was waiting for was said. I got up gave her the best kiss I could offer and place the ring on her finger.”


But Mikes and Lovely’s “love story adventure” doesn’t stop here. Rather, it is just “the beginning of something beautiful.”

Mikes and Lovely are the 7th Edition Winner of Win-A-Wedding, a worry-free wedding promo offered by Hizon’s Catering to soon-to-wed couples in Metro Manila.

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