Makati Park and Garden (or simply, Makati Park) is a massive and well-lit public park.

Makati Park is becoming a choice of venue for couples who are on a tight budget and who rather scrimp on other elements to spend the biggest portion of the wedding budget on food. Nonetheless, it is not just the budget though. There are many reasons the park is considered a great venue by to-be-web couples.

Why choose Makati Park and Garden

Makati Park and Garden Ample Space

Ample space

Aside from the grounds and parking area, it has a pavilion and garden for indoor and outdoor events, respectively. At the pavilion, ample space awaits any caterer to setup the buffet table. There are also left and right wing structures that the caterer may take advantage of as well as the expansive ground right outside the pavilion.


Nearby churches

Makati Park is near several churches such as Mater Dolorosa Parish, Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Saint Michael Chapel, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Nuestra Señora de Gracia in Guadalupe, San Nicolas Chapel, Sta. Teresita Parish, and St. John of the Cross. There are also choices of prep venues around the area.

Floating Octagonal Gazebo

Great facilities

Photo opportunities abound this park. There’s a fountain, a small lake, an amphitheater and several gazebos including the most popular floating octagonal gazebo. The main garden and pocket gardens are well-kept with various ornamental plants, shrubs and trees, exuding a casual and relaxed ambience. There’s also a man-made waterfall.

J.P Rizal

Accessible location

Located along J.P. Rizal Extension, the venue is only a 10-minute drive from EDSA. Thus, the park is an easily accessible events place for guests coming from Mandaluyong, Taguig, Pateros and others parts of Manila.

North Forbes Pavilion

Furthermore, there are other outstanding venues in Makati including the following:

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