Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

old coupleMarriage is definitely not a bed of roses and smooth sailing journey. Just like any relationships, it has its ups and downs. Given such, how would we be able to keep a well and healthy relationship?

Loving each other unconditionally is the one topping the list. But what are the ways on how we could show that love in such a way that it helps us foster a healthy marriage? Take a good read on the following tips to assist you with that:

Inspire and motivate each other

One of the primary keys to keeping a marriage healthy is by inspiring and motivating each other. More than it being a responsibility one should do as a partner, it is something that we may love and want to do for other people. If you come to think of it, most if not all people would like to help others. So what more for our beloved, right?

Your partner might be having a tough time at the office or problems with colleagues and friends, or maybe with the family. The best thing you can do is to be ready to listen and inspire him or her to do better and be the best version of him or herself. You can indirectly say that by motivating your partner thru your actions.

Prioritize your mental health

First off, let us discuss mental health:

What is mental health?

Mental health is about the condition of a person about their psychological, social and emotional well-being. It revolves around the holistic state of the individual minus the physical aspect. It is because our mental health affects us in totality – our actions, words, feelings, responses or reactions, even our physicality.

There are a lot of things that can contribute to different problems about our mental health. It can stem from our biological factors and life experiences. Sometimes, when people with mental disorders, challenges or difficulties are triggered, they cannot control themselves. Maybe they know how but they cannot properly execute such. That is why it is highly recommended that they seek help.

So why should we prioritize mental health?

As explained above, mental health affects us in totality. Whatever we do, say, act and decide is related or affected by our mental health. What is the relation of this matter with marriage and relationships?

Let us face reality – not all romantic relationships have happy endings and bed of roses stories. Others are being beaten up by their partners and verbally or physically abused. Unfortunately, not all have the guts and will to break up with their partners even if they are maltreated. In return, our mental health as an individual is being compromised.

Another example could be about you as an individual. It might be that you have personal mental health issues even before. Remember, mental health affects our relationships with other people. How we deal and communicate with other people is affected by our mental health. So as a couple, we should be able to nurture our well-being including our mental health.

Fuel your mind

Fueling your mind means feeding your brain with real and relevant information. This is somewhat related to the previous point regarding mental health. About feeding your mind, it can be about reading and explore the beauty of the world.

As a couple, it would be good if you will read books and magazines together. Share the new things you have learned or find interesting. Search something on the Internet that you think is relevant for you to know. Inform your partner and discuss it over a drink or coffee. It would be a good exercise that as a couple, you engage yourselves with healthy and enriching discussions.

Like what they say, learning does not stop. You might think that you are old enough to do adventurous things, discover new ideas and whatnot. Your time and love for learning will never end as long as you keep on fueling your interest. Invite your partner to explore and learn more about you.

Go for regular check-ups

Going to regular checkups is the fundamental tip we could give you on how you can maintain a healthy marriage. Of course, how will you know that you are doing good physically, mentally or holistically without asking professional help? You may have personal routines and signs that help you determine if you are doing fine or not. But then again, sometimes we need professional and official diagnosis for treatments and medical aid.

You may get busy as a couple, going to work, visiting different excellent venues, doing lots of works with planning, etc. but never skip your schedule for your checkup. Just think of it that you dedicate hundreds of days for your engagement with work and friends. You only need a day or two to know if you are still okay – general checkup, dental, psychologist or whatever you think you need. You owe yourself that day.

So it would be better if you will remind your partner that your checkup schedule is just around the corner. File necessary leaves, plan your trip or next visit to your doctors.

Workout together

Similar to what say in our wedding vows, we will love and treasure each other thru thick and thin. Well, it does have a different meaning but if we are going to take it literally, we should continue to love our partner be it they are “thick” or “thin.” Acceptance is the key, right? But do we have to take this the way it is?

Many would argue that we should accept and take your partner just the way they are. But let us not forget that we should not settle if our partners are becoming unhealthily thick or thin already. One excellent way to keep your marriage and each of you healthy and well is by working out.

You may register in a local gym or do some simple routine at home together. Take that opportunity to bond and help each other in keeping each other physically well. I believe we do not need to explain further the good effects of being fit. Again, it is not about being slim, sexy and hot. It is about being healthy and fit.

Be open with your partner

One simple tip – be open with your spouse. Be transparent with everything that you believe that would help your relationship flourish and also with the things that are important for your partner to know. In short, do not ever lie to your spouse!

You do not need to tell everything to your spouse – the time you wake up and brush your teeth, all the things you did in the office, what happened with your workmate’s love life, etc. I bet we are mature enough to know what are the things necessary for us to tell to our partners. Regardless of that, we should not be picky with the information they should be aware. Be honest.

Practicing openness will surely go a long way for one’s married life. Both of you will feel trusted and important to each other.

Beware of your lifestyle and choices

To put this list simply, we should all be wary of our lifestyle and choices that affect our health (so basically everything). It includes your food, sleeping routine, studies, work, and chores. Everything is related and connected to each other. The decision we make in one aspect of our life affects other areas of our lives.

Living in a married life is different from being single, emotionally and formally speaking. We always have one person next to us. He or she will be greatly affected by what we do with our lives no matter how much we try to separate such. We should be constantly conscious of how critical our actions and decisions would be.

You do not need an expensive cost of living to be healthy. You just need enough commitment and effort to live the life we aim to have – healthy and fit.

Don’t forget to have your solo time together

couple holding handsTo cap off this list, as a couple, you should not forget to have a single time just for the two of you – no distractions, no work, no kids. Well, you should settle the matters you need to think about before you pursue your getaway. Just like the other tips in this list, this one is a must.

Even before you have kids, work, and other commitments, you have each other first. You got to go back to basics and reconnect with your beloved. Catch up, reflect, plan and visualize. No matter how long you have been together, take this time to get to know each other more and better. Relax for a while or a couple of days and savor the moment of just the two of you.


You have your partner through tough and good times. It is your responsibility to take good care of your better half as well as your own. Being of service to other people does not mean at the expense of your health. Keep a good balance, and everything will fall into its rightful place.

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