Kids’ Party Planning Checklist

Here in the Philippines, the most ideal time to plan for your kid’s party is six to three months before the target date of the event. Some people even plan as early as one year prior to the party.

Although three months is already a workable time for you to plan a good birthday party, there are more advantages to planning ahead of time. First, looking for suppliers early gives you more options than looking with only 3 or 2 months before the event. Parents nowadays always make sure to give only the best for their children.  Second, planning early gives you a chance to pace your budget. Booking your suppliers early before the peak season is also cheaper. Third, the earlier you can let your family and friends inform that they’re invited to your kid’s party, the more likely that they’ll make it. This gives them a chance to fix their schedule ahead of time.

Here’s a timely checklist that you can follow to help you in planning your kid’s party:

Just save the image above on your phone or computer for easy access! We hope this helps you plan your kid’s birthday party accordingly. If you have any inquiries, you may contact us at 925-0107.

Co-author: Jme Gonzalez, Vice President and Production Head of Party Links Events Corp. (920-0966, 0922-829-6980,

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