Important Tips in Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

A wedding is a multi-decision event, and decisions are often divided into two major categories: wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Aside from the food that can be taken care of the catering in Philippines, choosing the best venue can often consume much of the couple’s time.

Further, there are hundreds of venues in the Philippines such as Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, Palacio de Maynila, Rockwell Tent, Baluarte de San Diego, Gazebo Royale, The Elements at Eton Centris, Blue Gardens, etc. However, you cannot just choose any venue without these important considerations.

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Apparently, the venue must have a roomy fit. The reception site must be large enough to accommodate the total number of guests. At first glance, a venue may look huge, but wedding essentials (chairs, tables, buffet setup, band setup, dance floor, etc.) consume a lot of space. Your guests will need some elbow room so take this into account.

Estimates are, sometimes, unreliable. A contingency is to take a peek at the venue when it is all setup, for another wedding that is. Just make sure that the size of the guest list is similar as yours so you can have a near-accurate estimate.

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Eating, drinking, talking, and dancing are the four primary activities on any wedding reception. There must be logical areas for these activities.

When conducting a location inspection, stand in one corner and try to envision where do you think these activities would happen. If the place cannot be separated into sections accordingly, it will probably feel crowded on your wedding day.

Look at the ‘shape’ of the venue. If there are odd contours or blockages, the people at the back may not see what is happening at the front. These factors can compromise the actual flow of the wedding program.

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Most of the to-be-weds put an importance on privacy. Surely, they would appreciate an intimate and private reception by keeping wedding crashers at bay.

Unless you are okay with the idea of other people peeking on your wedding (true for public receptions), you might as well opt for venues that allow clients to buy out the place (guest-only basis). Ask about security availability.

As much as possible, the venue should accommodate one-event-per-day only. Ask if it is possible to schedule the event when there would not be another event in the next function fall. If not, you can always visit the venue when there is an event and see how the activities would affect other activities in the other halls.

Further, ask whether the halls or rooms are noise-proof or not. This is one way of keeping the wedding free from outside disturbances and uninvited guests.

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Weddings here in the Philippines often have color motifs. The color of the walls and ceilings and even the décors at the venue must not conflict or clash with your motif, or they will ruin the otherwise great impact of color coordination.

The location need not be in the exact colors as your motif, but the prominent hues at the venue must complement the motif somehow. Not just for visual interest, but contrasting colors may be an eyesore to look at. Make a request to the owner to use a specific color of curtains on your wedding day, if possible.

For brunch and day weddings, venues in light and pastel colors are perfect. For classic weddings, venues in darker hues or neutrals are ideal.



Lights make or break the overall mood at the venue. For a day wedding, make sure that your chosen venue has lots of windows. For night weddings, make sure that the location is not too dim. Make sure that the lighting at the entryways and dining areas can be controlled. For a night wedding outdoors, you may determine whether setting up candles is possible.

Again, go to the venue and perform an inspect at the same time when it is your turn to use it. You will get to see how sunlight streams through the windows to the floor. Candlelight is romantic, but this may not be enough during the evening.

Certainly, you can always ask the owner the available lighting fixtures that you can use on your wedding day and whether these are inclusive of the fee or not.

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During an event, you may try to inspect the sound quality of the setting. Make sure that it is not too echoey because it can let out weird reverbs when the band is playing. With this too, it would be difficult for your guest to hear other people when they talk.

On the contrary, you can choose to tailor the music based on the acoustic conditions of the venue. Remember that wood or tile floors amplify the sounds while thick carpets muffle them. Thus, if you opt for a small venue, you may choose a combo instead of an orchestra.




It’s always a plus to choose venues that offer a stunning view of the city skyline, lush greeneries, waves, etc. Nonetheless, if there are no views per se, perhaps the venues décors will do or its architectural details, artworks on the walls, period furniture pieces or crystal chandeliers.

Whatever it may be, the details can make the venue extra special. Not to mention, they can preoccupy the guests while waiting for the program to start. They are also great conversation pieces to break the ice between strangers.


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Perform a thorough inspection of the venue to determine if it has enough outlets to plug things that need plugging in. This is especially true if your chosen venue doesn’t regularly host a wedding. Take note of the exact places of the outlets.

If there aren’t enough outlets against your needs for them, make sure that the venue has several extension cords.



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Most venues today have ample parking with uniformed security personnel. Nevertheless, if there aren’t any evident parking spaces, make sure there is an empty street where guests can park legally.

Alternatively, you may organize activities so everyone can get to the party without worrying too much with parking such shuttle vans or bus. Carpooling is another good option.

You can always go the other way around such as choosing a reception first before deciding for other wedding essentials like your guest list or choosing the venue before deciding for a wedding date so you’d ensure that the place is all yours. Whichever you choose, keep these helpful tips in mind when choosing the perfect venue.

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