Here Comes the… Techie Bride?

In this today’s day and age, the advances and conveniences of using technology cannot be ignored, even for wedding planners. Which means the bride and her throng of allies, braving the entire wedding process  need to rely on technology from time to time. Good thing, there are many wedding apps out there which come in handy for making the wedding planning process much easier–although some brides-to-be might think that it is completely unnecessary.

Here are a few reasons why the use of apps is a real convenience in wedding planning:

1) Contains all the planning essentials

Wedding apps usually contain a checklist of all the details as well as a gallery for inspirations. Some apps are equipped with a color wheel wherein you only need to choose a color or combination of colors to see how it might look on your wedding day. You may come up with as many color combinations as you like before deciding which one you like best. Some apps also has a church directory and reception venue directory, each of which is complete with details on how to get there. The churches and venues are categorized based on location. So if for instance, you choose Rizal, it will display the list of churches and receptions in the area.

Importantly, the app contains a no-nonsense e-book that guides the soon-to-wed from choosing the date up to updating the legal documents after the wedding. One of the discussions that any bride will find informative is the discussion about the legal and religious requirements of marrying in a Catholic and Christian church as well as in Iglesia ni Cristo. What’s more, it features a bridesonality quiz to reveal the type of bride that you really are.

2) Pools everyone involved together

Aside from the actual wedding budget, soon-to-wed couples also need to organize meetings from time to time. With an app, you can minimize the frequency of meet-ups. Also, the time required for each meet-up will be minimized because you may simply choose from the directory. As such, there are apps that integrate a vendor tracker wherein you only need to select the local suppliers from the wedding gowns to the catering. From your choices, you can create your own list thus, you only have to contact those suppliers in your shortlist.

Our app, for example, actually includes a menu where brides-to-be may choose from the gallery of appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, and pasta. They can add any of these to the list and after that, they may request for a quote based on their customized menu. Additionally, there are apps that notify all the wedding planning team members when the church, reception venue, florists, caterer, etc. is chosen.

3) Minimizes the inherent risks

When planning a wedding, it is rather easy to lose track of the most important things to tackle as well as the deadlines more so when the team is juggling all these simultaneously. Some apps include a wedding countdown to the big day. Date tracking against the tasks to accomplish is also possible. In this way, the wedding details will be monitored based on the goals and the budget and anything beyond the scope of these two factors can be immediately disregarded.

Moreover, since you have come up with the right figures, for instance, you may allot for allowances. Some critical risks are the last minute arrangements like the high number of unexpected guests and thereby, a sudden upsurge of on-the-day wedding expenses. All of these can be addressed by using a wedding app. Nonetheless, wedding planners are also using other apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. that can be used for free and can be shared to one another. Actually, these are collaboration tools that will make the wedding planning uncomplicated.

4) Saves time, money, energy, and even paper

Some other apps have built-in budget planning, to-do checklist, and seat planning features. There are also apps that incorporate a notes section wherein the bride can use to jot down the details. Imagine the amount of paper that you and everyone involved in the planning can save. Did you know that a wedding’s paper usage can add up to a hundred of trees or even more? On the other end, there are apps that allow designing and customizing invitations that you may eventually send to your guests.

Thus, we can say that the use of an app is an eco-friendly way of doing your wedding, Likewise, the money that you can save in buying and distributing notebooks to each member of the wedding team can be devoted to other more important aspects of the wedding such as the food.

Wedding planning is often elaborate and involves many intricacies that are not easy to deal with. Couples, especially brides, are looking up to their wedding days with much excitement and anticipation, there is really no room for oversights. This is where the role of wedding planning app comes in. A wedding app may not be the be-all and end-all of wedding planning. However, you cannot deny the many conveniences that it endows the wedding planning team.

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