Gotta Love ‘Em Party Favors for Your Kid’s Party

Take your kid’s party up a notch with these simple, inexpensive, yet unique party favor ideas for your little one’s special day. Take a step back from the usual candies and toys and leave your “little” guests with something fun to use, eat, and play!

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Bubbles have fascinated many people for a long time, especially little ones. With its character of floating through the air and beautiful rainbow colors, bubbles never fail to entertain kids. But did you know the interesting scientific behind bubbles? Get a little geeky! Follow these explanations and demonstrations and have a quick and fun “science” class so they could understand the magic behind these mystical orbs! And did you also know that bubbles can help your child enhance his developmental skills motor, visual tracking, and hand/eye coordination skills? Find out more here!

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Doodling can be more fun and entertaining for very young kids, but as they grow up, the benefits of doodling may really help them with their skills and focus. Just throw in a few crayons, a mini doodling book, and a few other extras on that loot bag then you’re all set.




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One of the things that little kids also love are those cute temporary tattoos. Now, mommies, I know what you’re thinking—that temporary tattoos can be dangerous or that it will eventually lead to a permanent one. Well, first, it’s not gonna hurt to look for something that is labeled as non-toxic. Those ones are almost always safe. But there are just kids who have very sensitive skin so before thinking of applying one on your child, make sure that it will not produce any kind of allergies. Second, if you’re afraid that your kid might decide to get a permanent one someday and you disagree on it, then temporary tattoos can be your permanent solution. On another note, temporary tattoos can also spark your kid’s creative side by encouraging personal expression at a young age.

There are other ways that people use temporary tattoos now. They can even be used as a safety precaution to “mark” kids with a contact number to reach just in case they get lost.

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Bringing affordable children’s books as party favors—we’d say—is a “smart” move. Teaching your kid to read well and love books will go a long way in his life. You don’t even have to buy new ones. You can just swing by second-hand bookstores. There are many second-hand books to choose from and most of them are just as good as new—only cheaper. Giving books as party favors can also imply that it is a personal gift, which will be much appreciated.



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A tip for choosing party favors: it should be something that the guests could use or eat. Well, in this case, it’s the latter. And who doesn’t love to eat homemade cookies, right? Need we say more?




Now your “little” guests will leave with a smile on their faces. There are still many ideas for inexpensive yet unforgettable and useful party favors. Another idea is to think of something and make your own party favors. If you’re planning for a themed birthday party for your kid, you can also choose something that will fit the theme. In Hizon’s Catering, we have a several design themes perfect for your kid’s taste. For more details and information, you can always contact us directly at (02) 925-0107. Or you can attend our FREE Grand Food Tasting and find out if we are the right caterer for your event. Have a good day!

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