Getting Over the Post-Wedding Blues

For a couple of months to almost a year, you have been coordinating and planning for your wedding. You were able to pull off your most awaited celebration! You and your partner got the best catering services, had your wedding in a picturesque venue, hired an excellent photographer and videographers, and wonderfully celebrated this momentous event with your relatives and friends.

This probably explains why it is hard for one to get over the hype of wedding and so as with honeymoon. You worked hard for it, and maybe it’s in your dreams for a weeks or months. Not kidding because some just really experience that. So what can you do to get over these post-wedding blues?

Here is some handful of tips:

Check out your wedding photos and videos

Seeing your wedding photos and videos may trigger you to miss it even more. However, others are more satisfied whenever they see something that relieves their memories. You might have seen these for thousands of times already, but the feeling you have never gets old. It makes you happy and instantly boosts your energy. You may see or observe new things in every picture or video.

Enjoy whatever you see in those photographs and videos. It probably makes you glad and proud that you were able to manage this event you won’t ever forget in your life.

Appreciate what has been

happy couple weddingMoving on from everything including breakups and weddings (so sad and happy moments) can be quite challenging. You remember every bit of what happened, and it makes you want to relieve it every single day. It can be a good thing if you keep on appreciating what has been.

Appreciating or being thankful for the past is different from wanting to get it back. Like what they say, you might miss something or someone, but it does not mean that you want to have it again. Assure yourself that whatever you’re feeling right now is fine. Appreciate and be happy for a beautiful wedding and honeymoon.

Declutter your room

One good avenue to release your energy is by cleaning and decluttering your room. Collect all the things you find unnecessary to keep, and you believe it would be better if other people can use it. Instead of stressing over your post-wedding blues or getting sad over something, you can do something more productive.

Do not get rid of the things that are memorable and meaningful to you. If it makes your rainy day brighter and lighter, keep it. All of us need a thing or two that helps ourselves in a unique way.

Engage yourself in sports

If you have been sporty before, it is a good time to get back on track. You may be very preoccupied with the pre-wedding and honeymoon preparations as well as settling after the events that took place. On the other hand, if you haven’t had any sports, it is now that you should try one.

It would be better if you can do some sports with your spouse or at least with a friend. But if not, there are sports that you can do on your own like tennis (walling), swimming, boxing, karate and other self-defense crafts.


Not all people have the energy and will to engage themselves in sports that is why others prefer to hit the gym. It is also as good as the previous tip since you can be physically active and involved. If you do not have the resources to go to a gym, you may try creating or following a routine at home.

Going for a short jog every day may help you replenish your thoughts and ideas about life in general. Sounds deep, eh? But seriously, getting your body move helps your mind to breathe as well.

Have more time with your pets

bonding with petsFor sure, you were busy for the past few weeks or months to the point that you are missing some things with your beloved pets. You can now make more time for your pets! Walk them around the village or town, jog with them or play with them at home. They probably miss you a lot.

It can be a fun thing to do to dress them up (make sure they are comfortable with whatever you are going to make them wear), picture them in different pleasing places, eat or dine out with them. In short, make every moment count. You have your friends, family, workmates and your pets only have you.

Communicate with good old friends

Having a quick chat or coffee with your certified friends for life will lift your spirit up. Get to know what is the latest with their lives, listen to their stories and share yours. This sounds great and all but finding the right time to meet together is also challenging.

But hey, after you and your colleagues successfully settled over a good schedule, your meeting will be memorable and fun just like as before.

Bond with your partner

bonding with partnerHaving post-wedding blues? One of the best ways for you to kick this feeling off is do something together with your spouse. There are a lot of things you can do together. Watch movies, clean the house (yes, even cleaning the house), bond with your pets, look after your kids or other babies of your relatives, go to amusement parks, and more.

Whatever life may bring to the two of you, remember that you have each other. The situation may not be the same as when you were not living together because there are many things you are thinking of – bills, work, family, and planning. From time to time, it would be nice if you some sort of “runaway” from your responsibilities (but not neglecting them, okay) and enjoy the company of each other.

Write or read something that interests you

Feeding your mind with useful information will be a good avenue to redirect your thoughts. Reread your favorite book or write stories and poems. Give it to your relatives and closest friends. Keeping your mind busy or diverting those thoughts and energy can be done through the ones mentioned.

Your mind is indeed powerful. But believe that you, as a person, are more powerful and in control. Besides, learning does not stop, right? Why not try studying a new language and culture that interests you? It will be challenging and exciting!

Listen to music or practice playing an instrument

Similar to engaging yourself in sports or physical activity, another way to learn do something fun, and a challenge has something to do with music. Music is exceptional that it does not just go thru our ears but also to our hearts. It soothes and relaxes us.

Moreover, you can also try playing an instrument or two. Why not try exploring the beauty of the guitar, piano, violin, bass, trumpet, and whatnot? Entertain and amuse yourself, partner and friends with your new found talent in music.

Find a new hobby

In general, what can help you with getting over these post-wedding blues is by finding a new hobby. Doing something entertaining and productive in your spare time will help you divert your energy and attention. Instead of worrying and stressing yourself over a matter that has been already all and done, be more productive. We all need that go-to activity that helps us eases our stress.

If you have always been interested in arts and crafts, try starting a simple yet amazing scrapbook. You can also try to explore your camera and roam around the beautiful places around you. Invite your spouse or closest friends to help you out with your new hobby. Happiness is more fun when shared, right?

Visit new places

travelingI can go on any day to say that traveling is probably one of the best ways for one to have fun and relax. Unfortunately, not everybody is gifted with the luxury of time and resources to make all plans come true. And that is where your will and gut come into play. In Tagalog, “pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan.”

Going back, make some time and extra effort to visit new places. The world is vast for you to explore and experience. Don’t settle with whatever you know now. Continue traveling and knowing other cultures, places, and more things that will help you feed your soul and mind. It will definitely go a long way. Imagine you can share tons of stories and learnings to your future kids and grandkids.


Hopefully, you were able to get at least one or two tips that you believe can help you soothe your mind with all the things that are running thru your head. For sure you miss the feeling that you have to the wedding and the head over heels level of happiness on your honeymoon. Again, there is nothing wrong or bad about that. It is normal. But I guess we can agree that we do not want to have that sad and gloomy feeling all along.

Moving forward is important in our lives. So get your head up and say hello to a brand new day!

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