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Gazebo Royale

Gazebo Royale is an events venue in Manila that caters to the event celebrant of distinction. Perfectly located in the heart of Manila, this beautiful open-air garden boasts of exquisitely landscaped gardens and impeccable service, making Gazebo Royale one of the most sought-after Manila events venues for dream weddings, elegant anniversaries, unforgettable promenades, joyful birthday parties, splendid socials, and important corporate events.

Welcome to the natural beauty of Gazebo Royale!

Gazebo Royale is an events venue in Manila that caters to the event celebrant of distinction. Perfectly located in the heart of Manila, this beautiful open-air garden boasts of exquisitely landscaped gardens and impeccable service, making Gazebo Royale one of the most sought-after Manila events venues for dream weddings, elegant anniversaries, unforgettable promenades, joyful birthday parties, splendid socials, and important corporate events.

Your guests will delight in the tranquil beauty afforded by Gazebo Royale’s landscape: verdant gardens that offer a treat for the senses with the chirping of birds overhead, the calming bubbling of clear waters through the facilities’ fountains, and serene ponds that connect you with God and nature. At night, enjoy the view of a thousand twinkling stars and pin-lights on the trees, a fragrant and cool evening breeze on your face. Gazebo Royale is a true breath of fresh air in the center of the bustling metropolis.

At Gazebo Royale, we promises to enhance your special occasions in a truly meaningful way. We understand the desire of every couple to have a wedding that truly captures the special and unique love that they share, so our event venue in Manila is designed to provide the right romantic accents that further enhance their theme and motif. Imagine making your grand entrance through our grand antique wooden gates, the sound of applause and laughter ringing in your ears, and every lovely detail playing its own role in your special day. From our romantic pin-lights reminiscent of fireflies in the cool island breeze, to our exquisitely maintained gardens, ponds, fountains, and waterfalls, Gazebo Royale is designed to shine a spotlight on their love, and be the backdrop to the start of a legendary life together.

Our special events venue is also a magical place for event organizers looking to put up a grand celebration for their birthdays or anniversaries. Because this is a joyous celebration of life, we understand the need to have every square inch of our event venue in Manila positively explode with the happiness of your celebration. The Gazebo Royale events garden in Manila promises a look and feel to match whatever theme or color palette you decide to use for your birthday or anniversary celebration; a wide selection of seating arrangements ensure premium comfort with maximum viewing convenience, so no one misses out on the festivities. Of course, never fear for the accidental or sudden changes of plans, because our professional event coordinators here at Gazebo Royale are well-trained, with years of experience, to handle any surprises that may come your way. Yes, at our Manila events venue, you can rest assured that your most important events will receive the attention they deserve, and stay in the memories of your most treasured loved ones for years to come.


Located strategically along the busy Visayas Avenue Extension thoroughfare in Quezon City, Gazebo Royale is located in the center of Manila, affording clients comfort and convenience unrivalled by any other Manila events venue. Its location in Rona’s Garden gives guests a lush garden getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, with malls, hospitals, and other key attractions a short drive away.


Celebrate your wedding, birthday, debut, prom, or special event without worrying about the cost! The heart of Gazebo Royale beats around providing a special venue for your special event, at rates that will warm your heart.

Gazebo Royale’s Champagne Hall is a sprawling covered garden venue in Manila that can welcome up to 1,000 guests in a truly Filipino events facility whose rates will not break the bank. Seating arrangements at the 900-square meter Champagne Hall may be done to accommodate a number of guests: plated (from 400 to 700 persons), seminar (from 400 to 700 persons), buffet (from 400 to 700 persons), and cocktail (from 500 to 850 persons). The rate for the Champagne Hall (Manila venue rental only) starts at Php80,000, although we offer a variety of venue and catering options for the event celebrant of distinction.

Meanwhile, guests looking for a wedding venue in Manila that can accommodate up to  350 guests will definitely find Gazebo Royale’s Phoenix Avenue to their liking. Impeccably designed with little details to serve as pleasant conversation starters for your guests, the Phoenix Avenue of Gazebo Royale can seat several guests, depending on your choice of seating arrangements: plated (from 150 to 280 persons), seminar (from 150 to 280 persons), buffet (from 150 to 280 persons), and cocktail (from 300 to 350 persons). Our starting rate for Phoenix Hall is Php50,000, and rates vary depending on your choice of catering.

Meanwhile, the Bamboo Grove of Gazebo Royale is a truly intimate venue for event celebrants looking for an event venue in Manila that is elegant yet cost-effective. For a starting rate of only Php18,000, this air-conditioned event facility in Manila can welcome up to 80 guests, depending on its seating arrangements: plated (from 50 to 60 persons), seminar (from 50 to 60 persons), buffet (from 50 to 60 persons), and cocktail (from 80 to 80 persons).

Function Halls

Champagne Hall

Spacious and elegant, Gazebo Royale’s 900-square meter Champagne Hall is the ideal venue for large celebrations!

Thoughtfully appointed with eye-pleasing ornamental greenery, including rare Champagne palms, from where this Manila event hall gets its name, the Champagne Hall can accommodate up to 200 guests seated, and up to a thousand guests, cocktail-style.

Picture your guests laughing and dancing the night away on our spacious dance floor, to the music of a live band playing the latest hits or the most nostalgic tunes on a raised stage, bolstered by its mobile system and control panels that are easily compatible with the latest equipment, whether these come from your entertainers themselves or a first-class third-party supplier that you’ve outsourced for the evening’s merriment.

All the while, drinks are flowing and delicious food is on their way, courtesy of your chosen caterer working out of a preparation area located conveniently yet inconspicuously beside the Champagne Hall, ensuring your guests are satisfied with the speed and quality of the cuisine and service.

While more than satisfactory for delegates of seminars and conferences, who will appreciate the ample space, raised stage, and quality sound system and control panels, the Champagne Hall is the perfect venue for grand weddings, memorable anniversaries, unforgettable debuts, and joyous promenades, thanks to the festive yet elegant ambience created by lush tropical foliage, manmade waterfalls, and crystal-clear pond surrounding the venue. The entire hall is kept more than comfortable by an outdoor cooling system, while an an air-conditioned VIP Lounge adjacent to the venue affords clients a comfortable waiting area to freshen up and rest.

Whatever your special event, if your vision for it is magnificent and grand, the Champagne Hall is the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration.

Phoenix Avenue

Gazebo Royale’s Phoenix Avenue is our recommended event venue in Manila for perfectly sized special events, including joyful weddings, delightful debuts, amazing anniversaries, and precious promenades. Able to accommodate up to 250 guests, Gazebo Royale’s Phoenix Avenue offers your guests a more-than-ample 400 square meters of pure event space to enjoy at their convenience and pleasure.

Phoenix Avenue was designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience at optimal rates. Excited newlyweds, blooming debutantes, beaming birthday celebrants, and other special event organizers will appreciate the air-conditioned VIP Lounge–complete with guest welcoming facility and powder room!–located conveniently near this event hall in Manila. No rushing to a faraway preparation area to fix up your makeup. No sweating away in a humid side room waiting for your name to be called. No horrible lighting, no welcoming of guests in a dimly lit corridor, no squeezing past people in your amazingly beautiful gown or impeccably tailored suit. Stay cool, calm, and collected at Phoenix Avenue!

Outside, guests are already revelling in an exquisitely decorated facility that boasts of lush garden ornaments, fresh tropical greens, and elegant room and ceiling decor. Phoenix Avenue already has an outdoor cooling system helps keep the room temperature and atmosphere at comfortable levels for the duration of the venue, but it also has an air-conditioning option for clients looking for a bigger enclosed facility that offers optimal cooling comfort to go with its breathtaking ceiling decor and majestic ornaments in the garden. This Manila event hall also comes complete with a raised stage and control panels that ensure celebrants, as well as their hosts and performers, will not experience any inconvenience during the event and that guests don’t miss out on any unforgettable moments. An inconspicuous preparation area located conveniently near Phoenix Avenue also allows caterers and waiters to deliver fast and efficient service.

Bamboo Grove

An intimate events space for private gatherings, Gazebo Royale’s Bamboo Grove can accommodate up to 60 guests, guaranteeing quality time in a quality venue for your special event. Appropriately named for the serenity and calm afforded by its tropical foliage, welcoming guests into a balanced harmony of bamboo and light, Bamboo Grove is a fully air-conditioned glass-in facility, allowing guests to appreciate the landscaping from within the facility. Whether you’re organizing a gathering of your closest friends, celebrating a milestone in life with your dearest and most loved, or coming together for a meeting of the minds in a closed-door settings for workshops or seminars, Bamboo Grove promises a private, comfortable atmosphere for you.

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