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Fernwood Gardens

Welcome to Fernwood Gardens, a premiere garden events venue in Manila renowned for its lush tropical landscapes and impeccable Filipino service, earning it the reputation of being one of the most sought after of Manila’s events venues.


Welcome to Fernwood Gardens, a premiere garden events venue in Manila renowned for its lush tropical landscapes and impeccable Filipino service, earning it the reputation of being one of the most sought after of Manila’s events venues.

Fernwood Gardens’ sprawling gardens and twin signature 40-foot-high and 60-foot-high sky domes ensure the best that nature has to offer, in the heart of the Manila metropolis. Never worry about rain spoiling your special day: climate-controlled temperatures and impeccably maintained facilities make Fernwood Gardens the perfect choice for your dream wedding, your once-in-a-lifetime debut celebration, your fun kiddie parties, your unforgettable proms, and your important corporate events.

Fernwood Gardens’ humble beginnings date back to a vision from our founder, Mr. Al de Veyra, who understood the beauty, potential, and importance of nature to making a special event truly remarkable. His vision to create the perfect garden wedding venue slowly took form, and he began to develop an event venue in Manila that would bring his vision to life. Fernwood Gardens started out simply, with lush landscapes and impeccably manicured garden grounds, but the uniqueness of de Veyra’s vision and passion to make a garden venue that would make everyone feel truly special, helped transform Fernwood Gardens into a truly remarkable display of the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Today, Fernwood Gardens is the most recognized garden wedding venue in Manila, and we are passionate about offering the most elegant, most stunning, and most breathtaking wedding facilities in the Philippines. Every year, we improve our Quezon City garden wedding venue with more features, structures, and landscapes, ensuring that every elegant wedding, festive birthday party, unforgettable anniversary celebration, and special event that takes place at Fernwood Gardens is one to truly remember.


Located in quiet Sanville Subdivision along Quezon City’s famed Tandang Sora Avenue, Fernwood Gardens offers much-appreciated privacy for event celebrants looking to enjoy their special moment without uninvited guests and random people eavesdropping on their once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Apart from the privacy afforded by its prime location, this garden wedding venue in Manila also has the benefit of added security, ensuring that gatecrashers won’t come in and steal the thunder from your special event. Its proximity to malls, hospitals, and hotels, promise easy accessibility and convenience for the event organizer of distinction.

Because the ease and convenience of our wedding clients and guests is important to us, Fernwood is easily accessible to anyone and everyone, offering remarkable proximity to several churches and chapels, including Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Our Lady of Consolacion, Iglesia ni Cristo, and St. Peter’s Parish. Fernwood Gardens also has its own in-house chapel, the lovely garden chapel known as St. Francis of Assisi, in which couples may get married in lush garden surroundings, to the sweet sound of birds chirping, natural light streaming in through the windows. Your dream wedding will not need for more given the excellent location of Fernwood Gardens.


Fernwood Gardens offers unbeatable value for your budget, with a minimum use of five hours per booking, unlike other venues that require a minimum of four; a smoke machine and basic sound system are included with every booking. Contact us to learn more about our competitive wedding rate packages in the Philippines.

At Fernwood Gardens, we provide a wide range of amenities to offer the best value among garden wedding venues in Manila. Guests of all ages enjoy our impeccably manicured landscapes, gardens, and lawns, made even more festive and romantic with live swans, as well as parrots and ducks, to complete the rainforest theme and feel of our Quezon City garden venue.

In addition to our already lovely event facility in Quezon City, every couple that books their wedding at Fernwood Gardens automatically receives free use of our Manila garden wedding venue for their pre-event pictorials, saving them significant resources on a second venue for their pre-nuptial photography shoots.

Fernwood Gardens packages also prioritize the comfort of the event celebrants and guests, providing air-conditioned holding rooms and rest rooms for everyone, ensuring their optimal enjoyment during your event. This garden wedding venue in Manila also has 125 KVA standby generators, guaranteeing power for the duration of your special event and ensuring that electricity will never go out on one of the most important events in your lives. Finally, never worry if you have hundreds of guests all driving in; we have expanded our parking facility, and can now accommodate hundreds of vehicles containing hundreds of guests.

Finally, should you decide to collaborate with us for the particulars of your wedding on the day itself, we can save you additional cost, thanks to our team of highly professional staff, who have years of experience in ensuring nothing but the finest service for Fernwood’s guests. Hold your special event at Fernwood Gardens and never want for anything more to make your wedding, debut, prom, birthday, or corporate event truly spectacular.


Function Halls

The Fernwood Gardens’ lush tropical design offers event organizers some of the most distinguished events facilities in Manila. Its reputation as the city’s premiere dream venue has been cemented, thanks to four garden venues that offer unique features that promise a truly unforgettable time for the guests of your wedding, party, corporate event, or debut.

Fernwood Garden

Event celebrants will truly become the center of attention in this lush tropical paradise-themed garden wedding venue in Quezon City. Beautifully landscaped with evergreens, flowering trees and bushes, and tastefully detailed with little touches that beckon guests to take photos to keep as mementos of your special day, the Fernwood Garden event facility in Quezon City offers everyone a beautiful venue on which to paint their dream wedding, birthday celebration, anniversary, or special occasion. This majestic garden wedding facility in Manila can accommodate up to 200 guests under a breathtaking 40-foot dome that protects every one of them, from the event celebrants to the guests, from the children to the staff, from whatever elements rage around them. So regardless of whether there’s a strong storm or sizzling-hot temperatures raging outside the Fernwood Gardens, inside, you’re cool and calm, as our air-conditioned facility makes it easier for you to focus on your big day.

Courtyard Garden

The Courtyard Garden is the most charming event facility of Fernwood Gardens’ selection of special event venues in Manila. Exquisitely designed and impeccably maintained, this Quezon City garden wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests, showing that Courtyard Garden is the perfect special events location for special celebrations for family, friends, and everyone else who you don’t want to leave out! A variety of seating arrangements is yours to be had, depending on your total number of guests, all of whom will not need for anything more, because our seating arrangements will allow for everyone to have a great view what’s happening up front. Combine that with the lush tropical foliage, rustic country details, and stellar service, the Courtyard Garden at the Fernwood Gardens may very well be that countryside garden wedding that you’ve always dreamed of, making your wildest fantasies come true under our 40-foot-dome and the clear blue sky.

Cycad Garden

Guests of special events held at the Cycad Garden will enjoy manicured gardens, a cool breeze, and the breathtaking display that nature has to offer. This Manila event hall can welcome up to 250 guests comfortable under a 60-foot climate-controlled dome. The Cycad Garden can combine with the Coral Tree Garden to accommodate larger functions.

Because Fernwood Gardens’ sprawling landscapes bring the best of what nature has to offer, our wedding garden venue in Manila is open a variety of themes and motifs, allowing your guests the chance to meet up with old family and friends, or make new acquaintances in a cool and welcoming ambience. So whether you’re bringing everyone together to see you get married in your dream wedding or inviting everyone to fete the joy of another year gone by with a fabulous birthday celebration, whether you’re bringing your batchmates together for a big goodbye party with a glorious prom, or reconnecting after ten, twenty-five,  or fifty years with the reunion of a lifetime, Cycad Garden at Fernwood Gardens promises a truly unforgettable venue to complement that special, once-in-a-lifetime event!

Coral Tree Garden

Bring your special event to glorious life at Coral Tree Garden at Fernwood Gardens! The largest of Fernwood Gardens’ four special event venues in Quezon City, especially when combined with the Cycad Garden–which gives you even more space to welcome family, friends, and the rest of the world!–the Coral Tree Garden can accommodate up to 300 guests under its 60-foot glass dome.

Imagine all eyes on you as you make your entrance in this breathtaking garden paradise event venue. The ideal location for a large wedding, special debut, or prom, the magical ambience afforded by the Coral Tree Garden–combined with the Cycad Garden, if you need a larger venue–promises guests will leave enthralled by the magic of it all.

At Fernwood Gardens’ largest garden wedding venue in Manila, event celebrants will bask in the lavish attention showered upon them by family, friends, and loved ones. We pull out all the stops at the Coral Tree Garden, with breathtaking landscaping and beautiful IG-worthy details that will ensure your special event will truly be an affair to remember. Birthday parties, anniversaries, and other events that you plan on a grand scale will come to ebullient life here at the Coral Tree Garden, made even more special by the fact that no matter what the weather sends your way, your guests will always be cool and dry. Our 60-foot dome will ensure your special day will definitely be one for the ages!

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