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Featured Designs


  • Safari

    Start the hum and drumbeat as you become one with nature in this safari-inspired theme that will surely bring out the fun and wild side in you on...

  • Voguish Mint

    Going for a lighter and refreshing look on your wedding day? This theme’s blanket of white gives a “cooling” effect on the eyes...

  • All That Shimmers

    Peppered with West Asian colors and elements is this lush theme reflective of prosperity and abundance. Not all that shimmers is gold though, but...


  • Damask: Black & Magenta

    Rock your event in this Damask Black & Pink theme. Perfect for
    the rockstar princess of the night or for the chic and savvy bride, is

  • Color Play 2: Celadon, Lime & Pink

    Green takes the center stage this time in this Color Play of Green & Pink theme. From a pink-dominant and cheeky colorplay, this version...

  • White Whimsical Winter

    Just because you want to have a winter-like theme for your wedding
    doesn’t mean it has to reflect your marriage. Gracing through...

    Children's Parties

  • Jungle

    Let your little explorer roam the wild in this Jungle theme for that adventure party with the all-time favorite cute and lovable animal...

  • Pajama Party

    A night of cuddle and laughter awaits the bright little ones in this Pajama Party theme with their favorite fairy tales, games and snacks that...

  • Under The Sea

    Splash fun to your kid’s party in this cool and sparkling theme with the bubbly friends under the sea.

    Private Party

  • Red Town

    Paint the town red with love and joy with your guests. Feast yourselves with cheer and gladness in your hearts.

  • Vivid Violet

    Keep the royal atmosphere in your private party by using the Vivid Violet theme.

  • Royal Affair

    The combination of red and violet makes up for what looks like a grand celebration. Have this theme for your private party. Let it not be anything...

    Corporate Events

  • The Oscars

    Level up your awards night in this Oscars-inspired theme for your event. Enjoy the spotlight and conquer the stage like your favorite stars for...

  • 50’s Diner

    Want to have a 50s feel on your event? Press rewind and enjoy the Cadillac, fashion dresses and that famous checkered-prominent diner in this...

  • 8-Bit Video Game

    Collect coins and defeat villains in this 8-bit video game party theme. For kids and grown ups who will always be kids-at-heart, make sure your...

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