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Featured Designs


  • Shabby Chic 2: Orange & Pastel

    Soften up your wedding in this Shabby Chic Orange & Yellow theme.
    A light touch of tangy sweetness for the bride with the loveliest...

  • Travel Destination

    Grab your rings, suitcases and camera and get ready to explore a new part of your journey in this Travel Destination theme. Hold your...

  • Color Play: Black & Lime

    A solid atmosphere surrounds this Color Play of Black & Lime Green theme for your wedding. A union of rich and bold colors made to celebrate a...


  • Country Side

    Feel the soft breeze and fresh smell of grass in this relaxing theme as soothing and cool as a countryside view in your wedding.

  • Alice

    A game of hide and seek, a world of riddles and rhymes and all the dreams you can find. Fulfill your childhood fantasy of wonders and enchantment...

  • Country: Alice & Aureolin

    Embrace the outdoor beauty of warm sunshine and clear blue skies in this Country Blue and Yellow wedding theme. This chic and fun-loving take on...

    Children's Parties

  • Pajama Party

    A night of cuddle and laughter awaits the bright little ones in this Pajama Party theme with their favorite fairy tales, games and snacks that...

  • Lemonade Party

    Perfect for the summer afternoon party is this refreshing theme for your kid’s event. Lively games plus cool drinks and snacks will surely...

  • Ballerina

    Nothing will be sweeter than seeing your littleĀ  ballerina having fun dancing to her favorite tune on her special day. Set her stage, dress and...

    Private Party

  • Seafoam

    Have this minty-colored style as your private party theme. Experience a fresh atmosphere like walking down the seashore and feeling the seafoam at...

  • Vivid Violet

    Keep the royal atmosphere in your private party by using the Vivid Violet theme.

  • Red Town

    Paint the town red with love and joy with your guests. Feast yourselves with cheer and gladness in your hearts.

    Corporate Events

  • Hollywood

    Step out of your limousine and grace the red carpet in this Hollywood theme for your event. Shine bright and get camera-ready for your fans and...

  • Hat Party

    Put your hat on and be that awesome character you want on your event. May it be a magician, a witch, a pirate, or just a simple mademoiselle, your...

  • Space Frontier

    Prepare for your much-awaited space travel in this outerspace theme for your event. Defy gravity, witness celestial bodies, and be like Neil...