Do This One Thing First Before Deciding on Your Wedding Caterer

More than the ceremony and the program, the food is a big part of setting the mood and keeping everyone full at your wedding reception. Thus, you have to do one important thing before deciding on your wedding caterer—attend a food tasting.

What is “food tasting” all about? Food tasting introduces the food packages and event set-up a caterer can provide. More than that, it is an opportunity to personally get to know a caterer and discuss your concerns and inquiries about your catering needs.

Caterers organize food tasting through a grand food tasting event or a special food tasting. A grand food tasting event is attended by several groups of guests where caterers prepare selected menu including their best-sellers. Actual wedding set-up is also experienced during this event. In a special food tasting, you can arrange your own schedule and request for your own choice of dishes. Usually, food tasting events are for free, but it would be safe to inquire about it before going.

There are caterers who organize a food tasting event only after a client has booked, but there are several reasons why we advise you to attend one beforehand.

Attend a food tasting first to find the right caterer.

It will make you see differences among the caterers. It will help you find the right caterer who can attend and adjust to your demands for your wedding menu and set-up. Food tasting will help you decide on who can surely prepare delectable dishes and serve it with great presentation.

Attend a food tasting first to know the right food package and wedding set-up.

Food tasting is a perfect time to discuss your concerns and inquiries to a caterer. Learn about the different food packages and wedding set-up a caterer offers and find out which one will suit your budget, theme, and guests.

Attend a food tasting first to meet your preferred taste.

It gives you the freedom to thoroughly check the taste, the quality, and the presentation of the food until it meets the right taste that you want for your wedding menu.

Attend a food tasting to visualize your wedding day

A food tasting event has an actual wedding set-up and is attended by numerous guests. It has a complete set-up which includes a guests’ table, presidential table, backdrop, couple’s table, linens, flower, decors and centerpieces in line with a specific theme. The actual food presentation and quality is served by uniformed waiters and food attendants. By this, you get to experience and feel the usual setting of a wedding.

To attend a food tasting event before deciding on your wedding caterer is an important part of wedding planning that you should give time to. It’s your key to finding the right food and caterer that will be a part of your big day.

We hope that this article encourages you to attend food tasting first before deciding on your wedding caterer. Hizon’s Restaurant and Catering and Services, Inc often organizes a Free Grand Food Tasting event. Our Grand Food Tasting is an opportunity for us to serve you and an opportunity for you to find out if we are the ideal caterer for your event.

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Co-authors: Jorina Baniaga, Sales supervisor at Hizon’s Restaurant & Catering Services,Inc. | Venice Rio Pineda, Sales executive at Hizon’s Restaurant & Catering Services,Inc. |  Maricar Alcobendas, Sales supervisor at Hizon’s Restaurant & Catering Services,Inc.

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