Common Wedding Guest Mistakes, Solved!

No matter how long or short your guest list is, there will always be a guest (or 20!) who will make you feel like your big day is more like a burden rather than a blessing. Here’s how to handle the unruly wedding guests who you will encounter:

Mistake #1: Not sending in their RSVP

There are different reasons to why Filipinos aren’t fond of sending in their RSVP. But the main reasons are either they’re too busy, or they don’t know that it’s important. To avoid any guests who weren’t included in the RSVP list, include a deadline in the invitation as to when you should receive your guests’ RSVP, and have your wedding planner call the guests who haven’t sent in their RSVPa week before the deadline to confirm their attendance.

Mistake #2: Having a plus 5 instead of 1.

You went through all that trouble to cut down your guest list so that you can cut down on costs, but then a guest you haven’t heard from in years has asked if you can bring her whole family of five—plus yayas for each child. How do you turn down the request? Usually, a simple phone call explaining that you can’t accommodate extra heads will do the trick.

Mistake #3: Getting in touch with the bride or groom on their wedding day.

Should your guests have a question about the wedding, especially those who belong to the wedding entourage, you and your fiancée may accommodate it a few weeks before the wedding. But for any questions to be sent to you or your fiancée on the day itself, forward the query to be answered by your wedding coordinator, or a trusted family member. You can even hand your actual mobile phone, so that you won’t need to be bothered by it and just enjoy the day.

Mistake #4: Seeing mobile devices rather than faces as you walk down the aisle.

You’ve seen the photos and perhaps have done it yourself: Capturing the entourage or the bride as it happens on your mobile device has become the norm. But then again, for how long do you usually keep the videos or photos? It often gets deleted right after you post it on social media, and removed from your mobile device in a few days. Wouldn’t you rather see your guests’ faces as you walk down the aisle, rather than their phones or tablets? Consider applying a “no mobile devices” policy during the ceremony, and leave the capturing of the memories to the professionals you hired.

Mistake #5: Getting complaints about the ceremony, reception, food, theme… everything about your big day.

It’s strange, but some people think that they’re “helping” by giving you their two cents worth about how the ceremony area was too hot and crowded, the soup was tepid, or the photo booth attendants were a tad rude to them. What is there to do? Let the complaints slide. Come the wedding day, there’s nothing you can do about your suppliers, if ever those are true, and there’s nothing you can do about your guests who chose to bring those complaints to you. Don’t let these tiny details ruin what your wedding day is all about—a celebration of your love for one another.

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