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The venue of your wedding ceremony is one of the major elements in your wedding as a whole. That’s why it’s important to consider some factors before considering the venue to be the right one. Here are some basic factors that you may need to consider in choosing your wedding ceremony site:

1) The Location and Accessibility

You need to get real on this one. When you pick a venue, you need to consider its accessibility to you and the majority of your guests. This will lessen the chance of the program starting late and some of your guests leaving early because it would take hours for them to get home. Less hassle, right?

2) Parking

Whether your venue is near or far, you can expect that some of your guests will travel by their own car. So make sure that the venue you will pick has ample space for parking to avoid inconvenience.

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3) Building Design and Structure

Once you’ve picked a concept or a specific theme for your wedding, it’s important to consider that it matches your venue’s atmosphere and visual appearance.

4) History

There are some couples who take into account the history of a venue. It may be because the nature of the Filipinos to believe in pamahiin or superstitions, or it may be relevant to the concept of the wedding or in the relationship of the couple.

5) Venue Size

In the venue size, the first to consider in this is the number of guests. But you’ll have to consider other factors too, like the space for the food (if you’re having a buffet), the band, space for props and designs, production team, etc. There’s a saying that goes, “Okay lang ang sobra, ‘wag lang kulang.” You wouldn’t want your venue to be too crowded because it might spoil the ambience or mood of the ceremony (and the party, if you’re going to have a 2-in-1 venue). Allow yourself and your guests to have a breathing space.


6) Lighting

To achieve that picturesque look, the venue has to have a good lighting, whether it is day or night. For the production team who will be documenting your wedding ceremony, this is an important factor. You may also want to consult with them regarding this. If you’re gonna hire a light & sounds team, make sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

7) Safety

You’ll never know when danger comes, but it’s better to be prepared than not. A standard protocol for every venue would be to have a fire extinguisher near by the function rooms and a first aid kit. The lights and outlets must be functioning properly as well. You may also need to ask if the venue had critical situations before. Check if the parking lot or valet is safe and the locations of fire exits just in case.

8) Sanitation

Your venue may be Instagram-worthy, but you cannot ignore if the restrooms are well-kept or not. This is also important especially if your guests are fully polished. There should be soap, hand dryer, and tissues. If you’ve taken the time to design (or hired/asked someone to design your wedding), why not the restrooms too? Your guests will definitely commend you for it. Not only the restrooms, but you also need to check if the whole venue is clean as well.


9) Budget

If you have a limited budget for a venue, stick to it. No matter how perfect a venue seems to be, if it’s gonna leave you sinking in debt, don’t take it. You need to be wise on spending your money especially when the big day is over. Don’t spend beyond your means.

Keep this in handy and make sure that your venue has most of these—if not all—checked.

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