Quezon City is a home to more than 25% of all weddings in the Philippines.

That means 17,000+ plus weddings in Quezon City alone. What about other events such as debut, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.? Can you imagine how many such events occur in the city every day? Nope, we don’t have the answer to these questions. One thing we know is we can accommodate up to 25 events per day, and it can be in Quezon City or elsewhere.

To make your event a success, a catering service provider is needed, among others. But you cannot just hire any catering services in Quezon City.

What makes excellent catering services in Quezon City and elsewhere?

Food expertise

Essentially, catering is all about food. People will remember your name because of how the food tastes. If it tastes awful, people will never forget you. Ever. That’s for sure. It’s easy to determine whether a catering service is considered an authority in the catering industry. For instance, if it caters more than 25 events in a day then this can surely attest to the food and service quality.

Food safety

An equally important aspect is food safety. This might not be immediately apparent to the guests. But the failure to cook, transfer and serve the food efficiently will eventually manifest. People almost always notice the wrong—they would know if the food is not safely prepared.

Menu flexibility

While caterers have a pre-set catering packages, a client would want to design its event menu. There might be a need to change a dish or substitute an ingredient. Or, the entire menu may be asked to be adjusted to accommodate food allergies and churchly dietary requirements.

Customer service

All of the above will go down the drain if the customer service is poor enough to turn off the guests and turn away future clients (i.e. word of mouth). Don’t leave a bad taste in the guests’ mouth by executing all the tasks in the most thorough manner. Exceed the expectations of the celebrators and their guests, who are also potential clients in the future.

You can always look for cheap catering services in QC, don’t compromise the factors noted above. Indeed, the price of the services should not be your primary consideration but the food and service quality.

Events Venue in Quezon City

The Felicidad Mansion


– Elegant interiors
– Handcrafted furnishings
– Classic ambiance
– Perfect for vintage-inspired even

Cities Events Place
  • Deck (open function hall)
  • Bar (air-conditioned function hall)
  • Gallery (air-conditioned function hall)
  • Main Hall (air-conditioned function hall)


– A hotel-like venue with high ceilings
– A garden ambiance
– Sophisticated modern interiors

Bulwagang Recoletos Atrium


– A historic, vintage-looking venue
– Classic interiors