Catering services in Marikina are rampant mainly due to thousands of weddings occurring in the area.

In 2010, the most marriages – 66,653 to be exact – occurred in the NCR (National Capital Region), 22,188 of which took place in the second district. Marikina City forms part of the said district. In the same year, there are about 2,018 total marriages in the city from 1,931 in the previous year. It is no wonder why the catering business is a thriving business in Marikina.

However, there are certain things to look for in a catering service provider. Here are the three most important traits.

Important traits of catering services in Marikina


Food Quality

We are talking about catering services, so this should be a no-brainer. If there is one thing that your guests will remember that would be how delectable the food are. Some caterers compensate the low quality of the food with presentation and décors without realizing that these can be negated if the the food is not what the host and guest expect. Food presentation is also important as food quality, and an outstanding catering provider understands this.

Food Safety

Food Safety

Food safety is also crucial. Food poisoning may occur if the food and beverages are not prepared, stored, handled and transferred properly. Only the diligent catering service complies with food safety regulations. Likewise, this caterer has well-established protocols.

Costumer Service

Customer service

If there is one thing that separates a mediocre provider from the best ones that is impeccable customer service. Definitely, any host would want a caterer who takes the initiative to ask about personal preferences, food allergies, religion-related dietary requirements, etc. Such a caterer goes beyond the standard and aims to exceed every host and guest’s expectations.

Churches in Marikina

While at it, here are some of the most popular churches in Marikina to-be-weds may choose from.

Immaculate Conception Parish (Concepcion I)
Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish (San Roque)
San Antonio de Padua Parish (Kalumpang)
Nativity of Our Lady Parish (Industrial Valley Complex)

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