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There has never been really any doubt that where you book your wedding venue determines not only the success of your event but the logistics as well. 


In the Philippines, affianced couples can take their pick from a wide selection of wedding venue options. Most couples—particularly those who wish to have a rather extensive guest list –tend to favour expansive hotel ballrooms and spacious functions halls above all venue options (given the size of their event). However, regardless of this, there remains a certain whimsical charm about weddings that take place in lush gardens and picturesque courtyards. After all, the latter venue tends to be more versatile when it comes to accommodating a myriad of wedding themes and motifs. 


In this regard, wedding venues such as Los Arcos de Hermano and the like have been gaining a lot of popularity among engaged couples who wish to have a medium-sized event without sacrificing the allure of a garden or outdoor aesthetic. Apart from the natural allure garden wedding venues offers couples, it also gives them the avenue of mitigating wedding décor expenses given that garden venues are already naturally beautiful and would only require sparse décor items to make a significant impact. After all, booking a garden wedding venue would mean being surrounded by verdant greens, vibrant flowers and picturesque landscape leaving next to nothing for the décor team to improve which consequently allows the couple to save on elaborate and complex décor schemes. 


As the Philippines is lauded for being one of the countries in the world abundant in natural resources, it should come as no question that it would be the country with the most scenic wedding venues (beaches and lush gardens included). So, if you have ever dreamt of an idyllic place to exchange your vows in the Philippines, know that one of your best options would be a garden wedding. In any case, here is a list of the perfect garden wedding venues that will not only allow you to celebrate your big day in the best way possible but also set the perfect mood and ambience. 


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 Los Arcos de Hermano

Situated in the boundary of Bulacan and the metropolis is a fan-favourite among affianced couples designated as Los Arcos de Hermano. A venue for all sorts of events an occasions, Los Arcos de Hermano, is a garden resort that is conducive to a myriad of activities—from office team-building endeavours, school or family outings to the perfect wedding venue. With a bridal suite and ecumenical chapel, this venue has everything you need to make your dream wedding come to life. 

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Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila 

As one of the 5-star luxury resorts in Metro Manila, it should come as no question that Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila would be one of the most sought-after garden wedding venues in Central Luzon. Regardless of the size of your event, the sprawling grounds of this resort will undoubtedly make your wedding an affair to remember. Apart from the convenient access this wedding venue affords you and your guests, it affords your event the distinct aesthetic of having the afternoon sunset cascade over the waters of Manila Bay making it one of the picturesque wedding venues to serve as a backdrop during the precise moment you say your own vows and I dos. 

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Taal Vista Hotel

Couples who wish to have the globally famous Taal Lake and volcano serve as a gorgeous wedding backdrop on their big day should definitely consider booking a venue in Tagaytay. Known as one of Tagaytay’s most popular wedding venues, Taal Vista Hotel offers you a generous and unobstructed view of the Taal Lake. Inspired by rustic elements, the hotel’s perfectly manicured lawns would make the ideal spot for outdoor celebrations regardless of whether you choose to have your wedding reception during the day and against the wash of daylight or at night and under a canopy of stars.

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El Kabayo 

Known for being a weekend destination more than anything, El Kabayo might not be the first on your list when it comes to selecting a wedding reception venue. However, El Kabayo’s charm is rooted in the fact that simply being in the place makes you feel like you are in a cowboy movie. In this regard, couples who wish for a distinct and unconventional wedding theme might find this wedding venue appropriate. Beyond El Kabayo’s rough and adventurous ambience though are the rustic landscapes that add to the overall aesthetic of a typical outdoor wedding. El Kabayo, albeit a favourite long-weekend destination, might just be the next favourite romantic wedding venue. 

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Angelfields Nature Sanctuary 

Giving your weddings a touch of rural sophistication is made possible by booking your wedding in Angelfields Nature Sanctuary. Located in Silang, Cavite, this wedding venue is within a reasonable distance from the city without the cramped and stuffy feeling of major metropolitans. Known for its stylish rural setting complemented by the cold breeze, the place adds an instant romantic touch to your wedding event. 

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Sitio Elena 

One of the best things about Sitio Elena is its lush and picturesque landscapes. Known for their serene scenery and fresh air more than anything else, Sitio Elena has remained a crowd favourite among affianced couples looking to book an outdoor wedding view. With their verdant gardens and a lush copse of trees, tying the knot in this place is definitely nothing short of magical and enchanting.

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Balesin Island Club 

Couples who wish to splurge on their wedding venue and are prioritizing intimacy and privacy over anything else should definitely consider booking Balesin Island Club. This 500-hectare private paradise situated in Mauban Quezon caters exclusively to its members and will no doubt meet your expectations when it comes to making your dream wedding come true. 

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Casa San Pablo 

Located in Laguna, Casa San Pablo is an inspired quaint country inn that would no doubt delight your wedding attendees. Catering to a wide range of themes and motifs, the wedding venue is guaranteed to accommodate your vision—regardless of whether you are planning a modern, vintage, whimsical, or chic wedding theme. 

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Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan 

Beach weddings are best held in Cebu. Hailed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu has a myriad of beach resorts that would make perfect locations for wedding ceremonies and/or receptions. One of the best beach resorts Cebu has to offer is Crimson Resort and Spa, which has a stunning and gorgeous garden landscape that opens right to the white sandy beach. Inspired mostly by Balinese elements, couples will find that having their wedding in this location is not quite like just any conventional weddings they have ever witnessed. If you cannot decide between a garden and a beach wedding, why not do both and consider Crimson Resort? 

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Club Punta Fuego 

Tropically inspired, Club Punta Fuego is one of the perfect wedding spots in Batangas where you can view the golden sunset. Apart from that, it is said to have the best beach in Batangas for which the resort has earned its designation as a world-class resort. While it might take you more than just a couple of hours to reach the venue, this tropical treasure is well worth the trip and effort and will certainly make your wedding unforgettable. 

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 La Mesa Eco Park 

La Mesa Eco Park has quite a lot of activities for visitors to enjoy, but apart from that, it is an excellent wedding venue as well. With the thick copse of trees complemented by the fresh air and colourful flowers, this 33-hectare public park in Fairview, Quezon City might just be the perfect place for you to exchange your wedding vows. 


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Antonio’s Restaurant

Antonio’s Restaurant is one of Tagaytay’s most-sought-after garden wedding venues insomuch that you have to book your events a year in advance. Apart from the charmingly romantic setting and ambience the place offers, the venue offers comprehensive wedding services that would include wedding styling as well as catering. In this regard, you will have everything you need at the venue itself. 


Garden weddings are known for their natural aesthetic. After all, the natural lighting complemented by the natural décor of verdant trees and lush vegetation would make for truly great photos. More importantly, it is one of those venue options that would do well both as a wedding ceremony and reception venue, which can significantly mitigate your expenses if you are on a budget. Wherever you choose to have your big day, be sure that you will find a place that is special to you and your partner regardless of whether it is a garden, beach or indoor wedding. 


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