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catering services foodIn today’s age, there are a lot of groups and companies that offer catering services. With a few clicks in Facebook alone, you will see tons of pages and individuals promoting their brand. So what more if you are going to search in Google, right? Given such conditions, what should we look into these different catering companies before we get their products and services?

We came up with this easy to read and understand blog on what we should know before getting catering services. What are the things we should be looking for, right questions to ask, and much more.


Look at their official website or page

You are on the look for the best catering services in town, and you want reliable information as soon as possible. What will you search? Of course their official website or page. Sure, you can talk to their agents and other employees, but it is better if you can check their official website or page. Make sure that it is up to date and data are accurate.

Upon entering their site or official account on Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media account, check their products and services and pricings if ever posted. See if they have another medium of communication that you can avail of for easier transaction.

An excellent and well-maintained page leaves a great impression on one’s future customers. It shows that they can go with the flow of technological advancement and provides an excellent avenue where their leads and clients can know more about their company or group, products, and services.

Read up their company’s history

You may think that this is unnecessary but knowing one’s history is helpful in having a lens on how will you look into their offerings. It is not as if you are going to hire the one with the most heartfelt and amazing story since we still need to be objective. This bit of information will help you digest where they are coming from or in Filipino, “ano ang pinanghuhugutan nila.

Another point about “history” is their records. What were the momentous events of their company? What could have they possibly gained or learned from those experiences?

This shift of discussion from the formalities of their products and services to their personal story is one way to establish a good rapport. Having a little chit chat about these things is not bad at all, just remember what your limits are. Top things you should ask them leads us to our next point:

Get to know the catering services’ goals and missions

More than the cliché of providing affordable and quality services always ask for more explanation and details about their goals or vision and missions. You might think that this is another gibberish piece of detail, but it is not. You should be keen in observing the way they answer and handle the conversation. You can ask to follow up questions like how were they able to realize those goals if they think they are going a good job so far, what are the areas they should improve on, and so on.

This may sound like you are interviewing them for a job. In reality, you are looking for a perfect group to sustain your needs, so it seems to be like that. Any good and prepared company knows how to handle these types of questions and pressure. They should be aware of what their group is all about aside from its nature of business. You got to know what makes them unique.

Search for their catering packages and menu

If you were able to check their official web page or accounts, most probably you have encountered their catering packages and menu. These may be on a separate page or just be simply explained through photos or texts. You may view their offerings but not their prices. In that case, reach out to the group and ask for their complete price list.

You may think of what’s the importance of asking the complete breakdown of prices if you could just ask for the packages pricings. It is simple: for you to make your computations. They will probably tell you that it is cheaper and better if you will get bulk of orders, et cetera. This might be true, but at least you get to know what you are paying for. Besides, who knows if you can mix and match and get better price, right?

Asking and computing prices and offers might eat some of your time but no worries as it is for the betterment of your plan. You can ask a trusted colleague to help you with this task. You just want to make the most out of your budget so do the hustle!

Read reviews and ratings about their products and services

Aside from getting first-hand facts from the company, where is the best source of details? You got it right! It is from their previous clients. If they have Facebook page, you could immediately see the reviews by stars with details of their past customers. Only a few web pages have their page for testimonials, and some are being filtered out.

See what are the recurring good points and praises for their products, services, and overall performance as a company. You should also consider what are their weak points and if it will possibly affect the project you are working with them. Moreover, be objective in reading this kind of information. Remember, not all reviews, ratings or testimonials are 100% genuine. Don’t solely base your judgment on the number of stars they get but with the details of their reviews. Some misguided rate groups with 1, which is the lowest in Facebook as their highest point.

If in tight budget, ask them what can they give you with such amount

The best way to know what you can do with your money is letting the group do their own computation. They know the ins and outs of their individual pricings, packages, promos, and whatnot. In this manner, you are showing them you trust them with their decisions and offers.

On the other hand, you should also be prepared with idea and computations too. It is important that you also demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and can’t be fooled. Know how to properly negotiate, take comments and suggestions, and learn how to compromise. Meet halfway, like what they usually say.

There are pros and cons in this move. The provider will know that you are on a tight budget and you really mean business here. However, they can also take it the other way like you have more than enough money so we can suggest more add on (which some might be unnecessary and pricey) and that is why you should ask for the complete price list.

You can also ask for price matching if the group offers such.

Check out their blogs

Not just for pure fun but reading some blogs or posts from the company itself might help you get some ideas on what can you do with your event. Most of the catering services providers publish such posts related to their nature of business. Take advantage of those and see if they will help you.

Additional tips for your catering services provider hunting are these points:

• Don’t be shy to ask the right and good questions: Like what they say, if you know you have a point, why not talk or ask? However, make sure that you are asking sound questions that are related to their products and services and in a polite manner. Remember that you are not plainly paying them, but you are asking for their quality goods and services. At least be nice to them.

• It’s better to discuss matters personally or at least through email: We understand that we want prompt responses perhaps explaining the reason why we opt to call providers. As it is very much fine, it is still better to talk to the group personally or at least via email. Aside from formality, you also need records or minutes of your discussion. Chat messages on Facebook or other social media apps will also do, but nothing beats the quality of personally meeting each other.

• Be realistic with your budget and expectations: Who doesn’t what to get the most out of one’s hard earned money, right? Most, if not all, will probably ask for discounts and promos. We can argue that there is nothing wrong with that as we are just inquiring which will lead us to our first point: ask the right questions. If you honestly think that your money is not sufficient enough to fund your requests, handle your expectations and know how to compromise. Besides, you can always ask your leads for comments and suggestions.


There you go! You think we missed some things? Let us know and share those in the comment section. Nevertheless, we hope that this short article helped you prepare for your search for a good catering services provider. Always remember to be keen to details to make sure that you are going to have a hassle free transaction.

Happy planning and partying!


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