Explore Old & New Territories With These Christmas Party Themes

We’re almost onto the 10th month of 2015 and the Christmas holidays are approaching fast. Have you planned your Christmas party yet? It’s the most-awaited time of the year and you don’t wanna be the one who will celebrate late. So if you’ve started planning or still in the process of it, here are some themes that might help your Christmas party raise a notch:

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1) 8-bit Video Game

Collect coins and defeat villains in this 8-bit videogame party theme. For kids and grown-ups who will always be kids at heart, make sure your event reaches the next level. But choosing a theme for your Christmas party isn’t just about the overall design of the party. Wouldn’t it be more fun to get participation from the people? You can ask the people to dress inspired from the characters from the 8-bit videogames, so you can make it a costume party too. At the end of the program, choose 1 or 3 people whose costumes stood out and reward them.


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2) Las Vegas

Enjoy the bright lights on your event in this Las Vegas-inspired theme. Shuffle your cards, collect chips, and win big as you play like a millionaire for the night. Fill your party with a lot of games and other entertaining activities. Get high with energy and take pleasure in your own Las Vegas with your friends.





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3) Filipiniana

Take pride in our barong and Filipiniana dresses in this country-loving theme for your event. Have a feel of the Fil-Spanish era and culture as you relive the old Manila days of our history. It’s always fun to explore a certain culture, especially our own. For this theme, not only you can dress up and play Filipino games, you can also ask the people to prepare intermission numbers presenting our native dances. Make it an overall Filipino party just for a change.



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4) Hat Party

Put your hat on and be that awesome character you want on your event. May it be a magician, a witch, a pirate, or just a simple mademoiselle, your hat will surely do the magic. Top it off by rewarding the person with the best hat and costume.





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5) Travel

Tag your travel buddies and go around the world in this travel-inspired theme for your event. New York, Paris, and Tokyo will never be as much fun without a good company. Dress up as tourists or travelers and partner it with a luggage. Play games with trivia about other places. Explore the world and still feel right at home.

Rock your Christmas party with one of these themes and it will surely be the most unforgettable yet! But there are still more where that came from! For more of our Christmas/corporate party theme, just click here.

The holidays is just right around the corner. So if you’re starting to plan for your next event, you can chat and inquire with us through  here. Besides from the designs, food is the next important element for a party. For our FREE Grand Food Tasting events, click here.

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