What Guests Can Do Between Ceremony and the Reception

It’s become normal that the newlyweds and entourage take time after the ceremony to get their photos and videos taken, especially when you have a same edit video. But what are guests supposed to do while waiting for an hour or more for the reception to begin? Here are some ideas on how to keep your guests entertained while waiting:

Provide food refreshments right away.

If your ceremony and reception will be held in the same events venue, it will be more comfortable and economical for your guests to just stay put. Keeping them waiting (and making them hungry!) won’t make them pleasant guests. Bring out refreshments, such as finger food and drinks, and help your guests mingle by providing cocktail tables. If you’re holding your reception in a different venue (around a half hour’s drive is far away enough), some guests might opt to head elsewhere before going to the reception, but just in case, be ready withrefreshments and food nonetheless for the guests who will go straight to the venue.

Create a wedding “fair”.

Keep your guests busy by preparing interactive activities and games for them to participate in, even without you being present. Post a big “answer board” inside for your guests to fill out, and give them a question to answer, like “What’s your best piece of advice about marriage?” Get a fun Instagram game going by giving them your wedding hashtag, and the best photo gets a prize (perhaps an extra appliance you got from your wedding-registered gifts?). Request for your photographer and your videographer to have a part of their teams ready at the reception to take photos of your guests as well. Have your photo booth or video booth up and running as soon as your guests arrive. Have the option to serve the refreshments and hor d’oeuvres while they’re seated, or have portions of the buffet ready and open for your guests to help themselves.

Hire professional entertainers.

When in doubt about how to keep your guests entertained, hire the professionals! If you’ll have a band or DJ, have them play a few sets to get them to the dance floor. Bring in a videoke machine, because really, no Pinoy will pass up the opportunity to sing, no matter the occasion. Consider hiring a magician to keep the kids (and the adults, even if they won’t admit it!) mesmerized. Give your photo booth a little twist by getting a caricaturist instead to draw portraits for your guests.

Open up a “waiting area”.

If the gap between the ceremony and the reception is too long (around 2 hours or more), keeping your guests busy with activities might not just cut it—they might want a place to rest. Create a place where your guests can get some rest and relaxation. Book a separate hotel room or venue for your own “mini-spa”, filled with massage therapists who can give your guests head and back massages, nail technicians for mani pedis, and plenty of chairs and comfortable sofas to relax in. If you want to save yourself time, money, and effort, think of booking a small spa establishment, and the first 50 or 100 guests can avail of selected services, free of charge.

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