Wedding Myths: Fact or Not?

We Filipinos lead interesting lives not only because of our rich culture, but also the superstitious beliefs that surround our traditions. Filipinos are faithful to their beliefs and traditions and even if we’re already in the 21st century, there are still some—if not most—who follow the superstitious beliefs of the elders whether they know if it’s real or not. Some even take extreme measures to follow them. Here are some superstitious beliefs during wedding ceremonies that have been around for a long time. Some still believe and follow them, and some don’t.

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“Sukob” or marrying in the same year as your sibling will split the good fortune between the two. Set a date. Check it twice.




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Wearing the wedding gown on the day before the wedding will bring bad luck and will cause the wedding to be cancelled. Should the wedding gown need to have final touches, the bride herself should be the one to do it to ensure happiness. Allowing anyone else do it will bring unhappiness.





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Wearing any accessories that have pearl/s on it will result to unhappiness. This is probably because of the belief that pearls are “tears of oysters”.





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Breaking or dropping things on the wedding and reception is a sign of pending misfortune. So the bride and the groom must be cautious not to let anything drop or break, especially dropping the rings as it is believed to be a sign that the marriage will not last.





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The single woman who got the bouquet will be the next one to marry and inherit the bride’s good fortune. Likewise with the single man who got the garter.

There isn’t any real evidence to prove that these are true. But like most people say, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. So whether you find these superstitious beliefs to be true or not, have fun but be a little cautious. Savor the moment and only speak blessings for your marriage and your family. Trust your instincts. Only include the people you get along well with from all the planning up until the big day.

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