Top Wedding Cake Trends 2015 (And What We’ve Seen in 2014)

Anything can be a great inspiration for a unique wedding cake idea. Not that your catering services in Philippines cannot fill in when you are left with no ideas. However, the best wedding cakes share a glimpse of your characters, interests, or even depict an interesting part of your love story. Thus, the idea should come to you. Whatever it may be, here are some of the wedding cake trends in 2015.

The touch, the taste, and the daze


Metallic cakes

Metallic cakes are huge in 2014 especially the golden hues. Nevertheless, we will be seeing more silver and colored metallic cakes this year. Remember that the color of the year is Marsala Red, so expect metallic red icing and embellishments on some wedding cakes. Fine, edible glitter (like pixie dust) will be mostly used for the extra decorative sheen. This can be paired with edible sugar flowers.






Ruffled cakes

Metallic cakes are elegant-looking, and so are ruffled cakes. Sugar ruffles particularly those that mimic the bridal gown’s fabric (meaning: lace) will be all the rave this 2015. Soft colors will be preferred, not just white, for contrast–specifically on muted cake base layers. Ombre ruffled cakes is a bold decision.





Naked cakes

Naked cakes are also big in 2014, and the cake idea is not showing any signs of declining. This is more so because dual and multi-flavored wedding cakes will be favored this year to cater to every guest’s palette. The deconstructed cake is the perfect way of showing what’s on the inside (or between the layers).






Hand-painted cakes

Cake bakers are becoming cake designers, too. The demand for artsy cakes will be high this year (remember personalization). Anything that the brides and grooms wish to be painted on the cake is possible although we will be seeing more floral and nature-inspired designs. For these cakes, the base will be in solid color(s) like white and single-shaped (all squares or all ovals from bottom to top).





Ombre cakes

Wedding cakes typically follow the wedding motifs. Even so, we are seeing more weddings which feature different shades of blue, red, yellow, green, purple and pink. What better way to showcase the colorful event than through the ombre cake? Ombre cakes are both whimsical and glamorous, and can be fitted with other designs such as cascading sugar flowers on plain colored cake base, for instance. Possibilities are endless, but for a subtle yet stunning ombre cake, you can try the ivory ombre.




Woodland cakes

Earthy, dreamy, whimsical and rustic wedding themes will continue this 2015. The same woodland vibe will be mostly evident on the wedding cake. Nowadays, brides and grooms are into cakes that appeal to both the eyes and the palette. Nonetheless, the cakes will be very simple such as white or ivory-colored base layers adorned with fresh flowers. Sugar flowers and leaves are also perfect accent. The most important part is the presentation; yes, we are talking about the entire wedding table. It could be decorated with dried leaves and twigs wherein the cake is placed above a wooden tree ring.


Rosette cakes

Rosettes are making a comeback both in bridal gown and cake designs. Rosette wedding cake is for the ultra-feminine brides though it is also favored by couples whose desire is a minimalist wedding. For a rosette cake, the highest you can go is three-tiers; anything higher than that can be too overwhelming. Also, the wedding cake can be purely decorated with rosettes or it can be a rosette bottom tier and fondant upper tier. Cascading rosettes especially in ombre hues on one side of the cake will be an important highlight of a modern wedding. Alternatively, a mini bouquet made from clustered sugar flowers atop the cake may strike a balance among color, size and shape. Lace details on the tier will make the cake look classic and sophisticated.


White cakes

An all-time favorite regardless of the wedding theme. Interestingly, a plain white wedding cake is made more interesting by putting just the right embellishments. Yes, it could be cascading white sugar flowers or sugar ruffles for the added dimension or tiny pearls or crystal clear Swarovski for the sheen. Oval white cakes are also too ordinary, so expect to see even oddly shaped white wedding cakes this year.




Cake trios

Trios, quartets, or quintets? Your choice. The wedding cake table is often the highlight of weddings aside from the menu. If the wedding cake will serve as the dessert, you might as well give your guests a choice from a variety of flavors. You can have at least three double-layered wedding cake in vanilla, chocolate and carrot flavors in marshmallow, buttercream or cheese frosting. Thus, the cake table is an opportunity to create a truly interesting visual display that your guests can feast on later.



So for this year…

It is all about the color, the taste, the treatment, and the presentation of the wedding cake. The wedding cake must be pretty on both the inside and the outside. Fortunately, there’s a myriad of flavors and colors that a couple can choose from. However, the littlest of details and how the cake is presented to the guests will either make or break the event.

Guests love to be impressed! And that means dressing your wedding the way you and your guests want it to be dressed. Textures can give your cake the intricate visual interest that it deserves. So choose the best design elements for your cake. Make it sparkly if you must, but never overpowering.

Don’t forget the dimensions, too. It could be all-round, all-square, or alternate round and square. It can be up to five layers or a single layer. Nonetheless, tier height can be mixed also to make the cake look more majestic if you opt that way.

With all these, the goal is creating a wedding cake that is unique and scrumptious. Inspirations are just waiting to be tapped, so don’t be afraid to be a little daring when it comes to designing your wedding cake. If you want to be more experimental, then do so. Whatever makes your heart happy.

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