Tips For Your Next Romantic Getaway

Like what people say, keeping a balanced life is hard. Imagine juggling all responsibilities and tasks from your work, family, and relationships. It is hard but achieving the goal of keeping everything balanced is not impossible. Sometimes, a quick getaway would help us ease your mind.

Some studies show that relationships are what make our life happier and worth living. So we should not take our romantic relationships for granted. For that, here are some suggestions for your next getaways – relax and have fun with your loved one:

What To Do: A Short List of Suggestions

#1 Stroll

If you and your partner are looking for a quick break from all the bustle and hassle of your everyday lives, a fast yet quality stroll would probably suffice. Walking around your village or mall might be already romantic for many couples. Not all have the luxury of time to do that. It can be a treasure already! But really – whatever you do with your beloved is always unique and romantic.

Visit attractions or places near you or your partner’s house. It can be a mall, small park, playground, or even a cemetery (if you want a tranquil place to go). Maximize your time together by having a quality conversation.

#2 Travel

Before y

ou raise your eyebrow and close your browser by thinking that traveling is not a heck of a good deal of affordable romantic getaways, think again! If you are checking your Facebook or other social media acco

unts, you will see that there are many cheap traveling offers – local and international. Also, there are blogs available to get some travel and tipid tips.

If you find time to check in Facebook posts shared by people on how far their PHP 1,000 can go, you will be surprised. The budget already includes the transportation, food, and accommodation. It will be cheaper if you will split the bills between the two of you (and it’s never wrong or evil).

#3 Reconnect with nature

We are social beings or social animals, termed by experts and other academians, that explains why we crave for a company and social interaction. Aside from being socially inclined, we also root from nature. All the things that we have now are produced by human – gadgets, appliances, clothes, almost everything! Naturally, we only have ourselves, animals, and our earth.

It would be an excellent romantic getaway to go back to our roots. You can go to a beach and swim, to a mountain to hike and trek as you enjoy the beauty of nature. What about camping in a forest or alike? It will be fun to have the company of your beloved in a place that touches our very core.

#4 Recreational activities

A simple bonding time with the love of your life will suffice all the longingness. Samples of recreational activities are exercising, reading books, writing, drawing, playing physical and online games, exercising or hitting the gym, or any hobby.

A getaway does not need to be a grand gesture. Simple things like the ones mentioned above will probably do. What matters most is that you have th

e company of the person you would love to be with. Doing recreational activities together with the person that you love relaxes you more. These actions do not need much interaction, but the mere fact that you are doing it with the love of your life makes it more fun.

#5 Go for ad


Indeed, romantic getaways are not all about the cheesiness and sweetness. Many couples are not after those things. Others are having fun


with adventurous stuff like cliff diving, camping, hiking, extreme rides, surfing, and the list goes on.

The fun and romantic thing about going on an adventure are that you have your partner with you. You may feel nervous and unsure of whatever you are doing at first, but with the presence and company of your beloved, somewhat it will be eased down, right? But if not, at least it will be the two of you that will be screaming for your lives.

#6 Staycation

If you are over and done with outdoor activities and alike, you probably would love to save yourself for a staycation. Staycation is a vacation where you are literally going to stay in a place. It can be just your place, or you can also rent a space around the area or a location of your choice (condominium unit in Tagaytay or the like).

Staycation might sound dull and boring, but for some, it is an excellent way to reconnect and bond with their partners. Others lay out some rules that they should follow like no gadgets and no work-related stuff. The homey vibes of having a staycation and having your partner with you make one memorable. You can do recreational activities together, binge watch series or movies, and play board games. There are a lot of things you can do together even if you are just staying in a place.

Next on this blog is another short list of where couples can go if they are after outdoors.

Where to go: Couples For Outdoors

La Mesa Eco Park

To do: picnic, jogging or strolling, swimming

One of the family favorites for get-together or mini-reunion is La Mesa Eco Park. Well, it is not merely just a park where you will walk around and lay your picnic mat. There are a lot of activities you can do in La Mesa Eco Park. The park is not hard to find, and the fees won’t hurt your wallet.

Cloud 9

To do: Stargazing, viewing of city lights, drink and eat, stay at their local hotel

Though there are some restaurants and hotels in Antipolo, Cloud 9 will always belong to the list that stands out. They have some sort of a tower which gives you a better view of the city lights. It can be reached thru crossing a hanging bridge. Thrilling and exciting at the same time! They also have an in-house restaurant and place where you can stay.

Pinto Art Museum

To do: art viewing, picture taking or pictorial

Another gem hidden around the Metro is Pinto Art Museum. If you are looking for a place where you can walk around and appreciate the beauty of nature and art at the same time, you have come to the right place. Aesthetically and location-wise, Pinto Art Museum will not disappoint you. Hundreds of arts and crafts wait for you there.

National Museum and Planetarium

To do: art viewing, picture taking or pictorial, perfect for history, art and star lovers

Where will you find Spolarium? Nowhere but in National Museum! Where can you get information and viewing of interesting information about the galaxy and stars? In the National Planetarium! Don’t get confused – National Museum and National Planetarium are separate locations. Nevertheless, both of the places are not hard to locate and go to.

Amusement Parks

Where to go: Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Sand Box Pampanga, Skyranch Tagaytay

Aside from being the top picks for a field trip, amusement parks are perfect for your next get away! If you are looking for a place where you can scream and shout, laugh and cry, get a high dose of an adrenaline rush, there are lots of amusement parks in the country.


To do: eat and drink, chill, visit Taal lake, horse riding.

After all the bustle and hassle in your work and other engagements, you definitely need a place where you can relax. If you and your partner do not have the luxury of time to travel that much, going to Tagaytay is a good move. With just around 2 to 5 hours (depending on the traffic and route taken), you can already have a cool breeze and list of activities to enjoy.

Baguio City

Where to go: Mines view park, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, SM Baguio, Café in the Sky
To do: Thrift shopping, strolling, chilling (literally)

You get to make sure your jacket and comfy pants are ready when you visit the City of Pines. There are routes that can lead you to Baguio within 5 hours instead of the usual 8-hour travel time. Need to say more, we are probably aware of the many things you can do in this beautiful city. Just be careful in visiting the place during Ber months, and Panagbenga festival as tons of people all around the country and globe will be there as well.

On a final note:

End the mindset of “finding time” because sometimes we just need to make time for all the things we need. The world will never stop and pause for a while to let us breathe. We need to keep going and set our priorities straight.

If we would want to have a life that is well lived, we should make sure that we make time for the things we need to prioritize. Our relationships with family and partner are essentials. A quick romantic getaway will never hurt your work.

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